Marie talking about "The Change"

Marie comments about the songs from "The change", album released in november 2004. The Change - An obvious song to open with and a natural title for the album. 2nd Chance - My song of happiness. I wrote the text very quickly. It was just there. All pieces fell into place and after this song the writing became a joy. All You Gotta Do Is Feel - This is Micke's song that he wrote a couple of years ago and one of my favourites. The entire composition is brash and loud (rock-n-roll) somemething I really love! April Snow - I wrote this song some time ago, when good friends of mine decided to go their separate ways. You get inspired by many things in life, not just your own. Love 2 Live - When we were on holiday in Miami, there was this guy playing in a bar. It happened to be Gary T, who was once with the same Swedish record company as Micke. Together, they finished the words to this song that Micke had already started. Mother - Recording this song was very special "we only made one recording. I felt such strength at that moment in time. A feeling that would be impossible to recreate, impossible to sing again". Many Times - One of many songs on the album recorded live with the band in the studio. There was such energy . I love those recordings and I am glad we have found a way back to that. All About You - This is actually a love song to me, written by Micke. Everyone ought to have a love song. The Good Life - Somehow, I feel that this classic is a key song for the album since it was the first song we recorded, initiating the entire project. Bad Moon - I originally wrote this song for Roxette many years ago. It just did not seem right at the time, but I have always liked Bad Moon and have kept it until now. A Table in the Sun - The final recording - about U-turns in life when dark becomes light. For me, a table in the sun is such a clear image of when life is good. The Change - Orchestra - One of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had singing with an entire symphonic orchestra. Very intense - and much thanks to the fantastic arrangement of Magnus Lindgren who also conducted the orchestra in the old EMI studio where we recorded. A second chance "that is exactly what I feel when I wake up in the morning. I am so extremely grateful for every day of life". "I really wanted to make this record, to share with others what I had been through - the struggle to get through another day and at the same time wanting desperately to live". [ Maria, thanks for the translations. ] Source : LittleMarie