Interview with Marie

In the first half of the clip, Marie sings the first single from "Min bäste vän": "Sommaräng". In the second half, you can see an interview. The clip is from the summer of 2006. Translation of the interview: H: Hi Marie. It is beautiful to have you here MF: thanks a lot. H: What a great song! MF: Yeah H: John Holm’s sommaräng. MF: It is. H: It is a song from your new album, which you haven’t written by yourself this time.How did you choose the songs? MF: I have searched among old records at home. I searched a lot and then in the end I picked up what it is perfect. It is very hard to explain. It just happened so! H: How does it feel to sing again? MF: It is great, fantastic! H: Everyone knows that you have been ill and however managed to record a new record? MF: Ohhh, I am not ill anymore. Not anymore. H: Really? MF: Yes, of course. H: So how do you feel right now? MF: Very well. H: Really. MF: Now, it is finished. H: Is there something different, nowadays? MF: Yes, I take it easy every day. To take one day at time is the best I have learnt to do. I am so happy to live, it is so wonderful. H: When you were anguished and scared, which was the most difficult thing during that period? Which way did you use to handle the situation? MF: Yeah, I am feel safe inside of me. And I have a beautiful family. This is the best. H:Your husband Micke is here. MF: Yeah. H: He is at the keyboards. MF: He has been a great help. H: Last week Benny Andersson was here and he asked you a question. Let’s see it in the screen. I just move a little so you can see it well. Benny: I want you explain us which have been the most funny memory you have experience with roxette. MF: Yes. It was during a tour abroad. In Australia I met my husband. It was the biggest thing it could happen to me. The sweetest memory. H: Did you find each other there.How did this happen? MF: I don’t know. How did it happen ?(to Micke) Well, it just happened!Anyway it was awesome. H: Do you think there will be something more with roxette? MF: something more? Yes, we will release this autumn a new (live ?) greatest hits album, which everything we have made so far. A fantastic album and we will add a new song. It will be extremely cool! H: So you are really into it again! MF: Yeah H: It was so fantastic to have you back again and hear you singing. A huge applause to Marie Fredrisson! MF: Thanks a lot! [ We thank Perekopsky for the translation from Swedish. ]