Interview with Marie on her 50th aniversary!


Marie Fredriksson has been calm after the storm. From 2002 she fought against a brain tumor, but last summer she was declared cancer free. Photo: Lars Pehrson / Scanpix 2005.

“I had a damn luck to get through.”

Article by Amanda Pietersen
Published : 23 Mai 2008 23:30

Marie Fredriksson writes new songs. Last summer came a happy news for her and all her fans: she is healthy.

It was in 2002 when Marie Fredriksson’s brain tumor was discovered, in the middle of a large Roxette commitment . Cancer forced her to change her life, a thing for which she is grateful.

-The rhythm was so incredibly intense. Today, it has been a different calm.. I do not have such a hurry anymore.

Marie Fredriksson life now is in strong contrast to the fully booked and stressful pop star's life she lived in. Today, it is one day at a time that she applies. Or rather, a half day.

--I have the luck that I can control my work myself and divide the day: work a few hours and then, I take it easy or do something else.

A major change for a person who describes herself as extremely lively and energetic since her childhood.

-- I have always been a dreamer, had much imagination, always drawn and written and sung and thought it was so nice. It was the only thing I was good at in school. Everything else, I was mediocre.

Marie Fredriksson also says that apart from being very active she always slept very little.

She did not calmed down as a teenager. On the contrary.

-I was totally lethal. I loved finding out things and had many interests. But being a teenager was also a hard time - but I can cope with it now, I do not insist on it.

It was nearly a year ago that the doctor could declare Marie Fredriksson cancer free.

--I will say that I am so happy and proud! she emphasizes.

The fight against cancer has been tough and the road back was long . The disease had also an impact on the important tools in her life. The ability to write, read and count disappeared and speech was slow.

-- Then, it was tough.

None of this is visible now.

-- Thank God it came back.

You sing something?

-- Yes, you have to keep running and when I wrote something, I would like to see how it sounds. But this morning, I am a little hoarse, said she and hawk little.
That is it: New songs are under way.

-- And Micke writes wonderful songs, you can believe. We long to make a disc.

Micke, it is her husband and pianist Mikael Bolyos, who accompanied her on stage and in private life since they met during a hectic Roxette tour in the early 90s.

Marie Fredriksson respects her private life and choose smoothly the way for the questions she did not want to answer. She has a large garden. But she says that she has a very clever gardener who arranges the flowers that she loves to look at.

- It is a freedom to live as I do and be able to be out in the garden and be a lot by myself. And now it's a wonderful time. I am glad that I was born in May.

Out in her garden she get creative, Marie Fredriksson recent career is the painting. Two well attended exhibitions, it has become: "After the change" and most recently "A table in the sun."

-- I have always had a pen in my hand and either wrote or painted. But then the music took over.

When the disease struck back she was back to painting.

-- Sometimes, there will be large drawings and sometimes very small. Sometimes I use crayons, and sometimes coal. It depends on how I feel.

She is proud of their works and exhibitions have given her appetite to work .

How it feels to be 50?

-- Amen my God, it's amazing! It doesn’t grasp me. I will just become used to.

Have you any regrets in your career?

-- No, everything has come as one . I have had such luck. Quite wonderful.

Marie Fredriksson has written many powerful texts in her days, and it seems sometimes as ponder ones .

-- I am still like that. But that has changed with both age and disease. The disease has given me a tremendous strength. I am a strong person and I had a damn luck to get through!

Marie Fredriksson says that the support she received during the disease has been great.

-- Thank God, I have very good friends. It has been an enormous security.

Fans have not forgotten her. On the home page there has been prayers and encouraging words very often, from people all over the world, and Marie Fredriksson speak warmly of their fans.

-- They are completely incomparable. I am extremely proud of them.

But when in the limelight, public contact, the stage? Are you not into this anymore?

-- Well, yes, it is so deep. It's been my whole life. And it gives such a force!
Words that suggests that the fans are probably not hopping in for future appearances.

Marie Fredriksson
Job : Artist and songwriter.
Grow up: In Össjö and in Ö Ljungby, the youngest in a family with five siblings. "My parents were very encouraging in what I did."
Lives: In the villa in Djursholm.
Family: husband Mikael Bolyos, daughter Josephine, 15 years, and her son Oscar, 11 years.
Career: Had a successful solo, in Sweden before 1986 than she formed Roxette with Per Gessle, a duo which has sold around 45 million discs. In 2002 solo album "The Change" and 2007 "Tid för tystnad" ("Time for silence." )
Current: She will be 50 years old on May 30.
Runs from : "I take it as it is , as well as I have so many fun at events and have no need for that. I think I take it very calmly and leave enough away."
Dedicated in: Climate issues and natural disasters makes her act. "It's a tough time we live in. I'm trying to do a lot of the small things , but there is nothing I want to brag about ."