At last, the dark years are over!

Photo: Gustav Mårtensson

After the storm, Marie Fredriksson has chased away the disease and feels much better now than before. "I am more grateful now", she says.

Marie Fredriksson turns 50 today and celebrates with her family. She celebrates that she is healthy and she is working on the next CD and new paintings.

-- Congratulations, Marie. How it feels to be 50?
-- It feels good. Especially when it’s such a beautiful day outside. I have a lot to do. I am busy writing songs and drawing.

-- Will you have a huge reception?
-- No, it’s no good to do something big. I may have a big celebration when I reach 60 instead. I will have a quiet day with my family and friends and go away.

-- Do you like to travel?
-- Yes, I really think about a trip. And our children will enjoy it even more.

”Ordet är farväl”

-- You played two new songs in the collection disc which came out in Christmas. ”Ordet är farväl” has text by Peter Eades. How did this work?
-- She is a good lyricist, and it is fun to work with others. It’s been hard work on this song . I think “goodbye’ is such a beautiful word.

-- In the new "A table in the sun" you sing that the dark years are finally over.
-- Yes, it is wonderful. At last it's over. It is absolutely fantastic. It is good that the dark years, somehow, they went so fast.

-- You've got a different attitude towards life?
-- Yes, I am more grateful. It isn’t good to be in such a hurry. I live one day at a time. I love the spring as this time of the year, it is wonderful to just enjoy it. I had to hurry all the time before.

-- It is still must be difficult to put the disease behind you?
-- It is well on the way out. Mostly others are talking about it. I don’t talk about it anymore.

New exhibition in the autumn.

Your latest art exhibition is called also "A table in the sun". You continue to paint?
-- It’s depending on my mood. Paper and crayons are always around. Some days I might choose several photos which I might think are good. Other days I don’t want to, and then it will do nothing. But most of the days I sit either at the piano and write songs, or I draw. I will have a new exhibition in Gothenburg in the autumn.

-- And the songs will be a new disc?
-- Yes, we have come halfway on a CD. I hope it can come out next year.

-- In last autumn was released the book “Att vara Per Gessle “ ("Being Per Gessle"). Did you read it?
-- I'm not able to read lengthy texts, but I look through it now and then. It is a fantastic book and we had many wonderful years together. At least, all the travel we did around the world.

-- How is it to be Marie Fredriksson and being at 50 years?
-- It is a good thing. It was worse a few months ago. To be 49 years can be overlooked. But when people said I would be 50 ... neah! . Now, I have become accustomed to it. Now it's actually a good thing.

Jens Peterson

Source: Aftonbladet