I like living


When Marie Fredrikssonreleased her first album it went straight into our hearts. A few years later her carrier went straight up as a singer in Roxette all around the world.
Now she is on her way back, but with a new understanding of life.

In the late teens Marie Fredriksson moved from the family in the south of Sweden to Halmstad. There she met, among others, Per Gessle.
She also appeared in few Gyllene Tider songs, but they had no major collaborations.

Instead, she did her own thing and penetrated the market with records like “Het wind” and “Sjunde vågen “. Her melancholy but still rock power songs and a voice that is both sensitive and strong at the same time (perhaps a legacy of the father Gösta which, according to Marie "sang just as Jussi Björling") went straight into the Swedish home and touched many souls.
In 1986, Marie and Per started to work together, and they formed the Roxette. After some years the success was huge and Marie became a world star.
With songs like The Look, Listen To Your Heart, Joyride and It Must Have Been Love, they enter in music history.

Tours lasted until 2001, with a gap of some years in the mid-90s when Marie get married and have two children. Otherwise, the success was tremendous with a busy schedule and millions of fans.
But in the autumn of 2002 Marie fell on the floor of her bathroom after a jogging tour. She was taken immediately to the hospital where doctors notice that she had a brain tumor.
We are now six years later and last summer she became healthy.
-- It is wonderful and I am fine. No more medication, but I have X-rays taken a couple of times a year. I will have to do this for a long time, she says.

Life changed drastically, and her attitude took a new direction. Now the family is the most important thing. And it’s good to enjoy everyday.
-- I like living. There is so much weight and sorrow in the world. The world feds with it from television and radio, and I feel I have to take a break from it sometimes. You have to try to reverse what is negative.
-- It is nice to know when it’s coming the spring and the summer. And I like the silence. It is so easy to be drawn into the great carousel. Many should calm down somehow.

-- How it feels to be 50?
-- It's fun. I thought it was worse a few months ago, but now I just ignore it. I am indeed the same woman the day after tomorrow. With my illness and all that I have been through I am so happy that it is over. I took step after step after step, and now I have come this far and turn 50. It is perfect. It can not get any better than this.

-- Is there anymore cooperation with Roxette?
-- One never knows. Hahaha! We must see. It was great fun and an unparalleled time and I am enormously proud and pleased with what we did.

What Marie did not lack is an overloaded calendar, when a full year could be scheduled. Now she takes one day at a time and does what she knows better and what she can afford. A large part of the time she spends in her own studio.
-- To get it, it's the best we have done it. There we have played very good stuff, including “Tro” (from the record “I en tid som vår”, 1996). It is good to work at home. And Micke is a great technician, producer and songwriter.

Tavla painted by Marie Fredriksson 2005. Photo: Scanpix

Source: Norra Skåne