Marie Fredriksson about singing the lead motive for the new "Arn"-movie

Marie Fredriksson will be singing the lead motiv song for the upcoming "Arn" movie: "Riket vid vägens slut" (the land at the end of the road).
The single "Där du andas" (where you are breathing) was written by no other than Anders Glenmark and Niklas Strömstedt. Now you can listen to "Där du andas" exclusively on!

For songwriter Anders Glenmark the idea for "Där du andas" came after reading the books about Arn.
Arn was banned for 20 years and had to serve as temple knight in the Holy Land. And just as long a time was spent by his Cecilia in a monastery. During all this time they never lost faith or love for one another. This is what the song and the lyrics got inspiration from, Glenmark says in a press release.

And very popular singer Marie Fredriksson - known from Roxette - jumped at the opportunity at once.
I liked it when Anders and Niklas played it for the first time, so it was an easy choise to say yes to recording it. And or course fun to be part of a Swedish monumental movie in this fashion, Fredriksson says in a press release.
World premiere for "Arn - Riket vid vägens slut" will be in Skara August 14, and in the rest of the country on August 22.

Listen to "Där du andas" via the music player at the right side under the ad on

Source: Little Marie News, Expressen