Video “Där du andas”

Here is the new video of Marie, it was posted on Youtube and on the site of
Aftonbladet and tranmited on the tv station TV4 where it was shown also a short interview
in which she says that she like very much the song and it went straight to her heart. She says also that it's important that there are still written this kind of songs. At the question if she writes her own songs she answers that she does, and at the following question to how many songs she already written she says a little bit embarased ....not to many.
Here are some screenshots with Marie from the interview.

Also you can download both the video and the interview from this links.


Just click on “pobierz plik” and the downloading will start.

Marie was also at the premier of the movie "Arn" on the 14-th of August.
You can see the pictures here.

Source: TV4, Aftonbladet, Littlemarie