Roxette events in 2008

We just stepped in 2009, and all Roxette fans are awaiting surprizes from Per and Marie. But let's make a short review of 2008, with all the events that took place in the Rox-World:
12 ian 2008: Per celebrates his 49th birthday.
07 feb 2008: Marie opens a new exhibition (Ett bord i solen), at Stockholm.
03 mar 2008: releases a special section of wallpapers with lyrics. You can see them here. 31 mar 2008: Marie releases her new site: Among others, you can find news, galleries and a webshop.
08 apr 2008: 25 years ago, Per was releasing an album named "Per Gessle".
01 mai 2008: The Roxette fans from Romania organize a meeting, for a few days, at Predeal. 14 mai 2008: Per re-releases The World According to Gessle, including many first-heard demos. 23 mai 2008: Marie receives an award from SKAP. 30 mai 2008: Marie celebrates her 50th birthday. You can read a short interview here.
27 iun 2008: Marie announces that she'll sing for the soundtrack of Arn movie.
09 aug 2008: launches a series of interviews with fans, for fans. 23 aug 2008: Marie releases the video for "Dar du andas". 27 aug 2008: Staffan Ofwerman gets back with The Breeze. 28 aug 2008: "Dar du andas" reaches # 1 in the Swedish charts.
18 sep 2008: Marie opens a new exhibition, in Goteborg.
06 oct 2008: Per announces he'll release a new album, "Party Crasher", in december, the first single being "Silly Really". 07 oct 2008: Per si Mats MP Persson receive another "Million Air" award for "Listen to your heart".
14 nov 2008: Per releases the video for Silly Really. 21 nov 2008: After a long time, Marie is back on stage, at Norrköping. 29 nov 2008: Per is nominated for the Grammis.
16 dec 2008: Per announces that "Sing along" will be the next single from "Party Crasher". 22 dec 2008: All Romanian Roxette fans receive a gift from Per and Marie. 27 dec 2008: Per announces that a remix of "Silly Really" will be released in January.
01 ian 2009: All Roxette fans, everywhere, are wishing Per and Marie a Happy New Year!


thanks for this summary.

thanks for this summary. (please check some tipping issues.) best regards!