Marie's family secret gig

Marie Fredriksson did a secret gig with some of the 80's greatest artists. The old Roxette-star was overshadowed only by another artist - son Oscar. "Good to renew her security", says Mr. Lasse Lindbom. The nostalgic factor was high to the roof, as some of the 80-century big stars took the stage at Café Opera in Stockholm. Marie Fredriksson, Annelie Ryde, Lasse Lindbom, Niklas Strömstedt and Mats Ronander played cover after cover, and mixed with anecdotes from the happy 80's. "Annelie Ryde told me about the time when she and Marie Fredriksson did "Badrocks" tour together in 1982. Then there was a spirit, makeup and hydrogen peroxide, that were life. Now is the spirit, makeup and incontinence protection." The event "Still Rocking in the free world" was arranged by Lasse Lindbom who produced Marie Fredriksson's early solo albums - and it was also Marie Fredriksson that the audiences came to see. Marie was also playing at the gay gala a few weeks earlier when she invited the audience to hear three solos, one of which it was "Ännu doftar kärlek". Marie thanked the audience several times and looked proudly out to the evening's youngest guest present. "Now we get to meet a guy who is absolutely fantastic", said Lasse Lindbom and called 12-year-old Oscar on stage. Oscar Bolyos is Marie's Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos son - and also because Michael Bolyos was on the gig, it was clearly a family party at The Café. Oscar Bolyos sang Lenny Kravitz - "Stand by my woman" and was called on the stage for “en encore”. Source: