Helena Josefsson for ROxette.ro

1. How long and how did you meet Per?

Since 2003. Christoffer his new producer was looking for a female voice. And he asked people in the area. They mentioned my name, since I have sung with a lot of other artists from the south of Sweden. And I got to the studio to record. Per wasn´t there but he liked it and I was in!

2. Do you know Marie as well?

I do not know her very well but we meet sometimes and as a big fan of her I always feel a bit shy when she is around. But I talk to her a little every time our paths cross.
Per had a 50 year anniversary party and there we met most recently. Her song "Sparvöga" is the most beautiful popsong in swedish that i have ever heard. I like to sing it to my child sometimes.

3. How did you start your musical career?

In school when I was 14-16 years old we could choose extra subjects and I chose playing or singing in a band. in the beginning I only got to play the keyboard, but when the older girls went on to other schools I got to get friends with the microphone. We made a soirée and I got a great kick out of it. With songs like "Satisfaction" , "Black Magic Woman" and "I will always love you" :o)

4. Your husband is a musician too?

Yes! We met in Italy where both our choirs were competing. He also works with commercials.

5. Are you always happy (you certainly seem so)?

Oh no. But I am always happy when I sing. And when I get to sing to an audience. It is like i get a chance to have my own little space in the world. There, I can be who I want to be. In private, I am quite sensitive and anxious. But when I feel insecure, I go to an empty room an sing for a while, and I feel better. Or if I meet new people and I don´t know if I am good enough to be there, I imagine them as animals. For example when I was new in this band, Per was a little pony and Jens (drummer) a little rabbit. Christoffer was a turtle. Or I try to see them as children. Maybe because I feel like a little child and it is not easy for me to play with a lot of grownups :o)

6. What do you think about this upcoming tour with Per?

It is exciting for me to go abroad and sing! I have been to Poland, Germany, Denmark and France with my own music and with Sandy Mouche. And I think it has been enormously exciting.
I think our setlist now is very good. Even though I got a little disappointed that there are very few songs from the latest album. But the guys thought they didn´t fit a club gig. Too soft, too discoish.

7. Tell us about your band and your projects!

My band Sandy Mouche is like my second marriage. We are preparing for the next album and I have now started dreaming about it, how it will feel. It is an honour to sing with these guys. Friends for life and we match each other musically in a once-in-a-lifetime way.
My soloproject: I have an album waiting for release. I have recorded one extra song together with Martin and Per from Sandy Mouche. As soon as I can I will put it on my website and so on.

8. How about this last album "Party Crasher", what did you think of it?

I liked it the most out of the ones I have participated in.
Favourite song: Doesn´t make sense, and Kissing is the key
Not my favourite: Gut Feeling and Party Pleaser

9. It is hard to work with Per?

No the opposite! He is like a child at play in the studio when no one is around looking.
I look up to him because he keeps doing what he loves.

10. Tell us something funny about yourself!

... In my lower jaw , in the middle there is a milk-tooth. Because i have too few teeth and nothing came up underneath :o) I try to brush it carefully so I can keep it for as long as possible! If you see me looking like a witch you will know why!

11. And about Per?

One funny thing is that he bought a jacket from Prada in Italy. When he came home , he found the excact same jacket in his closet, wrapped up in plastic and never used. He forgot he had bought it already!

12. How is life on a tour?

The concerts are amazingly funny.
The time in between can be a bit lonely I think. Hotel rooms. But I try to walk around in the cities we visit. I have discovered the most beautiful parks and cafés that way.

13. Was it a difference recording in English?

It is even easier to play with my voice and find different characters!

14. How is your new life as a mother?

More love
more smiles and laughs
never boring
too little sleep
more exciting
much more scary protecting a little innocent child

15. What do you see for yourself in the future?

An adventure with my little family. I wish we could live in a little house!
Creating songs and concerts more beautiful than I´ve ever done (with my own project and Sandy Mouche)

16. Do you read Roxette forums?

No. I do not read reviews or articles where I participate either. It is not for me!


Visit her own website and sign on her guessbook at helenajosefsson.com


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