Interviews with Per for Polish media

It's the first out of four interviews that Per gave for Polish medias (two for websites and two for radio stations).

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Per Gessle is the founder of the famous Swedish band Roxette, where he has sung together with Marie Fredriksson. The group has sold more than 45 million albums and promoted such hits as "Listen To Your Heart", "It Must Have Been Love" or "Joyride."

In March Per’s solo album “Party Crasher” was released.  Per’s earlier philosophy about analogue production was pushed away by synthesizers, electronic instruments and other equipment, thanks to which the album has a classical dance feeling of the 70’s and 80’s.

Per Gessle will perform 22nd April in the club “Stodoła”, Warsaw. Michal Michalak spoke with the Swedish king of pop.

MM: What was the idea behind “Part Crasher”?

Per Gessle: I wanted to have a little fun with the music, electronics. This time I wrote songs, beginning with percussion instruments, from the rhythm, not the melody. The album reminds some old Bee Gees records, classic disco music. This is distinct from what I have been doing so far. I had a really great fun while creating new songs. Great to play, creating new works. I started writing them in 2006.

MM: Do you like it when people call you a hit-maker?

Per Gessle: I love to be called like that (laughs). Throughout all these years I’ve been extremely lucky as I’ve had this chance to  realize myself as an artist. I’ve released 53 single with Roxette. Many of them were on first places on charts all over the world. This is fantastic.

MM: Do you sometimes miss Roxette?

Per Gessle: Sometimes yes. I was shocked when Marie got ill in 2002 (the vocalist was diognosed with brain tumor). I did not know what to do. There was a period when we travelled very intensively around the world. This adventure will never happen again, we are now older ... Surely you can’t function like that your whole life. But of course I miss these experiences. Yet, Roxette is not over. Marie is feeling better and better, recently she‘s had a small tour, which has been a success.

MM: So Roxette is not a closed chapter?

Per Gessle: Absolutely not. Roxette is  much more real than two years ago. Though, there were some moments when it seemed to me that the come back would never take place.

MM: This is a great news. In April you’ll perform in Warsaw. Are you planning to do some sightseeing there?

Per Gessle: If I find time, sure. I ‘ve been to Warsaw once and I had great fun. It’ll be great to perform there.

MM: The question may seem trivial, but I hope it’s not - how do you write songs?

Per Gessle: First of all, I need to be relaxed. My friends who work as composers, artists, every day close themselves in the studio at 10 am and leave at  5 pm and return home. I can’t work like this. I can only write when I feel that something will work out of it, when I’m  in the right mood. I sit down with the guitar or at the piano, or with some paper, on which the idea for the text or melody is written... I have hundreds of such small cards where I save these ideas. I go through them and I somehow  try to go further with that and suddenly I notice that the cluster of ideas makes an interesting track.

MM: Do you follow the news from the pop music? You’ve heard, for sure, of Jackson’s come back? What do you think of it?

Per Gessle: I think he’s a great man and it’s good that he’ll sing again. It's that type of person, about who you still read about but  the truth is that you still don’t know anything about her/him. I hope that he will do a great show, because so it was in the past. The news of his come back came as a surprise for me, people were taking about it the fact  he’s ill. For sure I wish him all the best in the world. He’s a great artist.

Translated by Kamila Aleksandrowicz @ RoxForum


Source: RTR forum