Last gig, Marie sings with Per once again

UPDATE: The Look

The 2nd concert in Stockholm was also the last in the Party Crasher tour. Marie joined Per on the stage once again. We don't know how many songs they sang together; until know, only videos of IMHBL have been posted on youtube. Anyway, it's great to see them singing together!

On, Per states: "see y'all next time (won't be long....)"


It is incredible and so

It is incredible and so fantastic to see them together singing this beautiful song... I have no words to explain what I´m feeling...

True :) And looking forward

True :) And looking forward for some new songs also :D

Fantastic performance, mai

Fantastic performance, mai buna decat cea din Amsterdam...

Yes, I also liked the

Yes, I also liked the Stockholm performance more than the Amsterdam one!