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It took a few days for Per Gessle to resurface again after the Party Crasher tour concluded in Stockholm, but The Daily Roxette has finally managed to get ahold of Per and ask a few questions on everyone's mind:

After this astonishing tour Per, how does it feel?
Ahh, empty!!! It's been the greatest tour ever for me. So intimate, so close with a superb band and a delightful crew, the most pleasant hardcore fans you can ever imagine and a great catalogue of songs to dig into. I've had the time of my life!

Yes, you certainly seemed to have a lot of fun on this tour, and we know you say every tour is the best one so far, how is this one compared to the others?
This is it, man!! And I ain't lyin'!

From what I've heard this tour has been a killer, music-wise, when is the live album out?
Yes, there will most likely be a package with a CD and a DVD put together. The CD is recorded live all over Europe, the DVD is from Cirkus (day one) in Stockholm and the DVD will also include 100 of the most primitive and hilarious clips from the tour (you've probably seen a few on YouTube already). I'm such a generous guy! And, forchrissakes, there will be a double-LP!!! One comes to the point in one's career when it's time to release a live double-album. Like Kiss, David Bowie, and Peter Frampton. This is the point for me!

Will Blu-Ray be an option?
I don't know. I'm glad if it's in color! And in stereo!

Color… gee let's hope! Also, Chris mentioned some tracks to be broadcast on Nordic Rox? Tell us more…
Yes, there will be loads of unreleased versions on Nordic Rox. I'm going to NYC next week to sort things out.

How did it feel to perform the famous Rox tunes without Marie? You are after all the "Man from Roxette?"
It felt great. I knew I could handle them. At the same time I wanted them to be different from the Rox-versions. My ambition has never been to "replace" Marie. I just wanted to play and sing these songs because they are dear to me. After all, I wrote them.

Why so few songs from "Crasher", it was the Party Crasher Tour after all?
Well, the PC-album is pretty tough to play live. Unless, of course, you want to bring the click-trax and computers in. Which I didn't want at all this time around. I wanted the set to be guitar-based, straight forward power-pop with great vocal harmonies and silly power-chords here and there. The PC-album is totally different.

That's understandable enough. Now, the band you toured with this time is basically a constellation of Roxette, was that a coincidence?
This band is a splendid mix of Roxette and the "En händig man" people. I love them all dearly. On the stage, in the dressing room, in the bar. Can't wait to hit the road with them again.


Ha ha ha, yeah, we've seen the movies… Per, you've been in this game for around 30 years now, is it time to slow down, or are you just shifting into second gear?
As long as I'm enjoying what I do I can't slow down. This is in my blood. This is what I do. This is what I love.

Good to know! So, what happens in the future?
You tell me.

You've gone absolutely mental with all the videos, Twitter and Internet, are you going to work more with the Internet now? It's been very appreciated by the fans. How about polishing up the old website?
Yes, it needs to be done for sure. We will most likely move into Snowfish very soon, probably this summer. Snowfish is a new and extremely exciting concept which should fit my needs very well.

Huh, I've never heard of Snowfish. Got to Google it. You've been filming a lot, what do the boys say about your new job as (video) director?
No one takes me seriously when I'm behind a camera. It's a fact of life. It's such a shame.

That's so sad, maaaan! This crazy mood in the backstage videos, is this the "new PG," or will he change back to the timid gentleman  after this?
Timid? Gentleman? Are you sure you're not talking about Micke Syd?

What were your expectations for cities you have never been to before, like for instance Warsaw?
Well, none really. I didn't expect anything from this tour at all. I did it basically for me, myself and I. I consider it to be a nice 50th anniversary present from myself. So I am, of course, flabbergasted when it comes to the reception from the fans and the media. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you.

Wow, three people, that's nice of you! OK, you were on sort of "holy ground" playing in Hamburg, with the Beatles and all, how was that?
Hamburg was a great show. It's always been a fab city to play. I have lots of fond memories from very strange places in that town… No details…

Yikes, I'll buy you a glass of Chianti sometime when I need the details!
Which do you think was the best show on this tour, both regarding band performance and audience?
All of them have been terrific. I guess the band felt that Cologne, Copenhagen and London were triple AAA's. But to me all of them were memorable and gifts sent from god (or John L.)

One song that has surprised the crowd was "Steppin' Stone". This is Gessle in a never-seen-before punk mood (outside of Gyllene Tider). As we know, you love this music privately, can we expect more of this? How about that punk rock cover album you've been talking about for years…
Great fun indeed. You never know. I might do that one of these years.

Will there be a second leg of the Party Crasher tour?
Well, we promised each other in the dressing room in Stockholm that this should be the start of a neverending tour so I don't have a choice anymore, do I?

Finally, how is the album doing in the various countries it's been released in?
Too early to say, it's out in Germany while the UK is releasing in June. There is some positive response from the radio here and there but I guess it won't outsell Joyride. Next week I have new meetings regarding a US-release since I'm in New York.

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Source: DailyRoxette