Fan meeting and stories from the concerts

        We waited so long for this story for multiple reasons. One of them was that we waited for all our fans who went to Per’s concerts to come back and to arrange a meeting between us to tell how it was. So we did that, and here is what we found out. Per was great, the band was great and the fans were delighted to meet and greet with everyone around. There are some great stories, but we will present just two of them, hopefully the others will come. So here at Gallery button on the left menu you can see photos from our meetings, soon will upload the old pictures also, but meanwhile enjoy.


Well, first it was like a crazy plan to go to one of the Per’s concerts was just a dream, but later on thanks to my husband I (Elena)  managed to go to Prague’s concert along with Maria . It was a trip to remember. The concert was on Thursday evening, so we arrived on Wednesday and had plenty of time to visit the city and take some pictures. After some walks on Thursday morning, we decided to see where Lucerna Hall is so with our map we started to ask people and arrived there at 12 o‘clock. The concert was at 8 o’clock in the evening and we had a lot of time to kill between these hours. What is to be done?


The Lucerna Hall is in a complex of shops and cinemas and of course we sat down for some cappuccinos. There we notice the buss with the equipment and the stage crew. And we meet with a Slovakian fan there, and we started to talk. Rain came down and we decided to spend more time inside the complex. We actually eat there and meet also with Sandra, a German fan, who has been already to 87 concerts until then, so we had a lot of questions for her. It was very nice to meet these people, and soon 6 o’clock was there knocking on the door. Then Christoffer arrived at the Lucerna, apart from the band, and i got his autograph on a single I brought with me. Then we stayed like paparazzi to capture for you the best moments when the band arrived and we did just that. After the band appearance (they all are very tall people) Per arrived in a Mercedes and I took some photos with him. Still I find these unreal to me, because i used to see this kind of photos and never imagine being so close to him. The sound check began, we could here She doesn’t live here anymore through the locked doors and it was 3 floors under us. The crowd was starting to grow and they were pushing very hard. I actually told Maria to be careful when entering because they will push even harder. She got a mark on her left arm and a brose after entering. I ran like never before in my life, and got to stay just a little bit on the right of the stage. I didn’t want to get some shopping gifts before just wanted the show to start. It was a nice hall and I took a picture to see how many people were there, I think more than 1000 people were there... Martinique entered the stage and he played very nice songs, I liked two of them, and he did an impressive solo on his guitar. I was just hoping to not faint there before the show. I was very nervous. Finally the band entered on the Sound of Music tune and they started with Dressed for Success. The crowd made the ground to shake by jumping and screaming. I screamed “I love you Peeeeer” and “Sexy Per” during this concert. It was really a party in my head. We (me and Maria) were singing along and I made eye contact with every member of the band we have even Magnus posing for us. Per thanked the front row twice during the show and we all felt very much alive. Listen to your heart was a nice change; Christoffer gave it a nice personal touch. Doesn’t Make Sense was very good, ending with a solo guitar from Chris. For one evening I was one with the songs, the band and Per. I just don’t know what else to be, but a FAN. And you can see that Per lives for the stage, for the music he creates. Stepping Stone was very very nice, just pure rock for me. I wish he makes music for the rest of his life. I am a fan since 1991 and I think my children will be too. They just loves Per and Marie’s music. They are asking for it. And I think Per should have more publicity because he deserves it. Finally Queen of Rain was played and they said goodbye. I actually thought that it’s not over it was too short for me. I don’t regret being there not for a moment. Yes it was hard being away from my children, but I think everyone should go to one of their concerts, it’s worth it. As soon as the concert was over, we rushed to buy some merchandise and we later meet with our Romanian fans that were there too. And we meet some Russian fans, some Czechs fans and we all waited for Per to come at the meet 8 greet. Chris and Magnus were there too, we talked for a while, I saw Pelle too, and I asked him whose idea was with the luggage from the Tourism track. He answers me that actually it was his idea, we talked about his band called the Moosters . We arranged for an interview with Chris and Magnus at their hotel next day. And than Per was there signing CD’s and t-shirts, we talked a little bit. He asked me if I enjoyed the show, I said of course, than he asked me wasn’t too loud? I actually couldn’t hear Helena voice very well and i told him that. Than he asked me where we stood, in the front, right? I said yes, and this was nice from him to notice us there. We had made some t-shirts with Romanian Roxette Fan-club and we did ask Per to come here, we all are waiting. He said well, I know... and we’ll see. The security didn’t let us there to take any pictures. After almost everybody got their CD’s signed we sat again in line and this time I just asked Per please, please, please to take a picture with him. Maria took my picture; he was so close to my face, I could smell his perfume, which was nice by the way. And than he left the room. Asa was there and Gabriel too. What a night. We left the Lucerna but still got our last photos with the band leaving. I saw myself in a video on YouTube posted by Per, when he left the Lucerna Hall. It was a dream comes true. I couldn’t sleep all night it was magnificent. The next day we took Chris and Magnus an interview which i will tell later (i have waited for the videos from our Slovak friend Tono, but somehow we couldn’t reach him anymore. I will wait another week and if not I will tell you what we discussed for almost two hours with Chris and Magnus (was brilliant). All my photos you can find them here at this LINK . So here it is my, for the Gent story I give you Andreea.




It happened on a Saturday afternoon, that I get a call from a very good friend, also a fan of Roxette, to go and see Per live in concert, in Gent, on the 2nd of May. I did not waste too much time thinking…besides, it has been 20 years since I dream to see a Roxette live. The idea of seeing Per live, solo, was much more than pleasing, even in these situations and I knew so little about Gent enough to make me want to go there.

            It turned out to be more than a smart choice: a prolonged weekend in Belgium (Long Live Labor Day!) and a meeting with my childhood passion! It has been a night with many many heart beats per minute, with terrible thrills – worse than at my most difficult exam, with hoarse voices from us, the fans, with aching palms, with lots of smiles and happy faces, with some tears also and lots of Belgian beer afterwards! Proost!

            The concert was one of the most intimate (the only one?) from the whole tour. 280 souls breathing Per Gessle and The Heavy Metal Kids in a concert hall trimmed specially for them. I felt as I was witnessing a special event arranged for friends and fans only, from all over the world. Not even the metal bars that separated the crowd from the stage were there, where I had seen them in recordings from every other concert. The sound was impeccable. Per’s voice, exactly as I have heard it on my cassette recorder and later on my CD player and recently on MP3 all these years that prepared me for the meeting with “the real thing”. There were times when the crows was singing and yelling loud enough to make Per seem just a soloist from a chorus.

            With “dressed for Success”, a song so Marie, Per made us not miss her, right from the start. The spirits were calmed down and tamed with “I Have A Party in My Head”, Per almost whispering clearly and tuneful and everybody else humming “laaaa-la-laaa-la-la-la-la”.. “Opportunity Nox” was a big surprise for me. It has never been one of my favorites, but now, my top has been slightly modified – it was much more powerful even than Joyride. “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” still remained up there for me – Fantastic!

            “Listen To Your Heart”, one of my top 3 from that night was heartbreaking. Christoffer’s guitar and Per’s voice transformed it, gave it a different meaning than when sung by Marie. I love his version!

            The highlight for me was “Doesn’t Make Sense”. Helena shined (this is exactly what she did all night long) and together with Christoffer and Magnus gave us the missing ending from the Party Crasher album. Indeed I was speechless, making way for the crescendo – a work of art, a beauty!

            I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the first notes from “hey Mr. DJ”, but the fact that Helena was smiling the way only she knows how and timidly heading for the middle of the stage, next to Per, was reassuring. We were hearing the song for the first time live on this tour. Why so late? Impeccable.

            I honestly don’t understand the purpose of encores, it is well known that they will come again on the stage, it is well known that the crows will call frantically for them…everything was a pretext to build up the tension and higher the expectations. What followed was….MADNESS. The well known falsetto from “C’mon” – besides, “it’s Saturday nite c’mon, I’m lookin’for the lite c’mon” – and the rhythm were crazy! We all jumped for joy.


Per overcame himself! “Steppin’ Stone” was the perfect choice for a cover. What other goodies does he have for us still? The crowd was singing and dancing frantically – yes, it was still P.G.! “Queen of Rain” did nothing more than saddened me that everything would have to come to an end.

            But not before Per and The Heavy Metal Kids said “See you later!”. And later it was! In the lounge room of the Handelsbeurs concert hall, in Gent, among the tables and the fans that stayed for a drink and chitchat, “the man from Roxette” made his appearance. Everything was so well organized and relaxed, and Per was kind enough so we all had time for a chat and to get some stuff signed. I don’t think anybody went home unpleased. The venue turned out to be perfect for such a concert and meetings.

            Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to thank Mr.G. for the fantastic concert and to remind him of the fans waiting for him in Romania. All we need now is patience. :P


With or without Marie, the concert was extraordinary and I felt it in the audience and saw it on stage. The Heavy Metal Kids were pure geniuses and Per’s versions PERFECT!

            Thank you Helena, Christoffer, Magnus, Pelle, Clarence and Per!




special thanx to Adi, Cristina and Andrei


PS: Martinique sang very well in the opening of the concert, nice guy too!