Breakfast with Christoffer and Magnus- interview exclusive for!

We present an interview made by the fans for the fans.

We had a breakfast with two members  of Per's band which tour with him in Party Crasher tour. This happened in Prague the day after the concert. We spent an hour and a half in the company of Christoffer and Magnus; Pelle was there but he didn't participate at the interview, we just ran into him there at the restaurant. You can see all the pictures from the interview at the Gallery section in the left menu, or just click HERE. They clarified some of the music industry aspects, they gave us details about Per that we didn't knew. We smiled all the time, we walked very happy and enthusiasts from that meeting. We have prepared only 15 questions for the interview , but they were so kind to explain to us what is like to tour with Per. We hope you like it. You can download all the interview here:

thanks to Tono from Slovakia.

Here are some ideas from the interview that Andreea Totoescu, to whom we say thanks, has put down for us to read:

They all joked when they said that they can't wait to be in Warsaw.

About Magnus:
He played with The Cardigans

About Marie:
Christoffer: “She is an artist extremely loved in Sweden. She is surrounded by a lot of love. "On the stage she feels at home. She is fantastic live. It is great to be on the same stage as Marie, because no matter what you do , nobody is watching you, everybody is looking at her. She has a lot of charisma.”

About Helena:
Christoffer: “She is so sweet.” “I don't think she is nervous to sing with Marie on the same stage. It's not about a competition. She is a big fan of Marie Fredriksson. She has all her albums and she is listening them.” “

About Martinique, how did he end up to sing in the opening of the concert:
He send some demo tapes to Per and than everything just took a natural course, especially because they have a baby and this way they could travel together.

Christoffer's memories about Prague:
When he played with his band Brainpool in the opening of Roxette's concert, after just 2 songs, every Roxette fan raised their tickets to show them that they came for Roxette and not for them: "they hated us".

About the crowd in Prague:
Better than in Scandinavia, more enthusiastic and energetic, like it was in Poland.

About Prague's concert:
“the biggest venue so far, but yet it was cozy”
“Yes, we talk to Per after the concert, we talk about how it was. So far, one of the best concerts until now.”

About the Copenhagen's concert:
Christoffer: “Personally speaking, i like it more in Copenhagen, but i can not compare, too different... very small and intense”

About how they see the fans from the stage:
“they seem so happy, emotional and they seem to know the lyrics better than us”

About Christoffer's straw hat:
“Clothes and style is not interesting for me, i have no idea and i need someone to tell me what to wear... I asked Marie Dimberg , she is good at this, what to wear and i accepted her idea about the hat (she is into hats).”

If they read
From time to time

About promotion:
I agree that promoting the tour was not so good.
Magnus: “It's more about the record company.” “It's very difficult to work with other record companies outside Sweden. "It's all about control.”
r: Every record company from each country can choose to promote or not an album, if they like it or not. It's more difficult now than it was 10 years... Per gets involved in this promotion very much, he finds radio stations, writes emails. But between him and the listener there are so many other people with old ideas about music industry, and it's very difficult to work with them... the record company can choose to launch a record, but if they decide to promote it or not, you can not do anything about this.... The motive for there is no concerts in the eastern Europe is that the promoters don't have a good network... Per finds very hard to launch his album in the SUA and he is very frustrated. He doesn't choose to not launch it. He fights for everything. But he doesn't decide.

About the music industry:
Christoffer: “It works like 10 years ago, and it should change.

About the tour:
Christoffer: “This tour is too small to gain some money" It is a tour that looses money. Per looses money with this tour. If there are more concerts , more money he looses. But he wants to do this.”

If  Per tests the market for new Roxette concerts with this tour?
“Who knows what they will do?! It's all up to them”

About rehearsals:
Christoffer: “We always talk with Per. When we rehears, we think about what the fans want to hear.”

Favorite song from this tour:
Magnus:”I don't have a favorite one. It depends on the night, on the show.”
Christoffer:”I like how some of the Roxette songs turned out. Initially we tried to sing them in the original form, but sounded like we imitated Roxette... So we slowly started to sing them differently... The way we sang resembles the way Per writes them, he composes with the guitar.

About  playbacks at different gigs:
Christoffer: “We play live, but it sound horrible because of the technologie... it's not your own men to take care of the mixing and you cannot be sure it will sound the way you want.”

O funny story about Roxette:
Christoffer: “First time that I played with Roxette, I was very nervous; Marie started to sing “It Must Have Been Love” and than, after a few lyrics the song began. I was bass player and I had to sing a low key note, but I started to panic and I couldn't remember what key I was in so I hit the worst note ever in combination with what she was playing. It took a few weeks to regain confidence in me.”

About Per:
Party crasher or Party pleaser?
“Party pleaser”!

Emotional,  worried or nervous to sing Roxette's songs without Marie:
Christoffer: “More emotional. These are his children, close to his heart. And it's natural to sing in his way.”

When he records, he has a lot of free time and he draws a notebook for each album, he consumes all the pencils of his children (Christoffer's)

About Twitter, blog
I like that Per takes care personally about all this. He does what he likes. He leads. It's the same with music, clothes and everything else. He writes his own twitter account, he films, he does all this. He reads all the forums.

About the alcohol system from Sweden:
Christoffer: “It's a good idea. Swedish people need rules to stop drinking so much.”

About fans:
Christoffer: “I like to talk to the fans after the concerts, even if it's Per's fans. And it's nice to know that what you do is appreciated by so many people.”

Message fro Romanian fans:
Magnus: “Hello Romanian fans. We are in Prague. We had a very interesting conversation and for us too. We hope that you'll have a lot of hot discussions about all this on forums.”
Chrsitoffer: “Next time we hope we will sing in Romania and other places we missed now. “