Karaoke for everyone

Thanks to Ovidiu Ardelean, we can now offer you some karaoke files for rare Roxette, Per, Marie or Gyllene songs. We are talking about 100 Swedish songs, in LRC format. Download them using the following links:

Ovidiu also made some cool wallpapers, for you to use in your karaoke application. Download them as an archive here, or view them as a gallery here.

Some general instructions about using the LRC files:

  • use a LRC compatible application, like Mini Lyrics, or a compatible hardware MP3 player
  • the LRC files should be in the same folder as the MP3 files, and have the same name (for example, "Joyride.lrc" and "Joyride.mp3")
  • start playing the MP3 file (in Winamp, for example), and the lyrics should appear

Note that the LRC files in the archives only work with album songs. They will not work with live versions, bootlegs or remixes, because of the different time lengths.

More information about the LRC format can be found on Wikipedia. There, you can also find a list of LRC compatible applications and MP3 players.

Thanks again, Ovidiu!


hey!! thanks!!! I wonder if

hey!! thanks!!! I wonder if there is away to creaate a home dvd with this?. realy cool!!!

Hello, thanks for your

Hello, thanks for your comment [unreal]. You should know that creating a home dvd using our lrc files isn't recommended because it involves re-encoding videos and that only complicates things. Here at www.roxette.ro we don't provide such video files because HQ videos are too big in size. Perhaps as time goes by we'll be able to but for now, the easiest way to enjoy our lrc collection on TV is to connect your PC/Laptop to TV. Using [MiniLyrics 6] you can easily adjust the size of the lyrics and they look great on a regular TV as well as a widescreen LCD. If you do wanna go the distance then it's recommended that you use a high quality video camera or desktop-video-capture software to record on screen display while lrc's are playing. You can then create a dvd with menus using [Ulead DVD Movie Factory 6] for example. Let us know if you do, have a nice day.

[Roxette, Roxetter, Roxettest :)]

hi! I justa want to do

hi! I justa want to do somothing like gyllene tider karaoke hits, no videos. (anyway i could rip them from my own dvds, :) so don´t worry) thank you very much for answering me , and for the tip about ulead dvd...

best regards.