Interview with Mats Udd

Mats Udd (26) comes from the city of Falun in Sweden. He is a trained television producer and has a background at Nordisk Film post production and the music television program Garage. He has also worked for various production companies both as an editor, feature producer and photographer.
Mats directs the new Roxette video “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”, the first single of “Charm School”.

Here’s an exclusive interview that Run to Roxette made with Mats Udd. 

R2R: How was your first meeting with Roxette?
Mats Udd: The first meeting was actually at the set when we did the sync part for the video. Before that I just had some contact with Per by the record company.

How it was working with Marie and Per?
It was pretty easy, they are professionalls with lots of experience of doing videos so it was very easy working. Per is really cool and Marie is one of the most sweetest artist I ever work with.

When you sent your idea to the record company, Had you already heard the song or you just sent some cool ideas for a Rox-Video?
Yes, of course. I don’t believe that you can send an music video idea without hearing the song first – at least I dont do that. Of course I can come up with some random ideas which I think would be great for Roxette but still, for a video, you need to capture the spritit of the song and make it into motion. Most of the time you get’s the song and some words from the artist/record company what they would like to do, it can be a feeling or that they want to be in the video a lot etc.

What is the spirit of the video for “She’s got nothing on (But The Radio)”?
I actually sent four ideas which was very different from eachother and they pick the last one and it was the most brightest idea cos they wanted a happy video. So that’s the spirit of the video, happiness but I tried to do it with a little twist. Of course, I wanted to go much deeper into weirdness but I guess that wouldn’t be true to the Roxette fans haha.

Have your videos got a personal mark that allow the public recognize your style?
Well I always tries to make videos which is me, a typical Mats Udd video. It’s ofc hard to say what’s that actually is. I try to avoid typical preformance videos – for the first I don’t think that kind of videos is fun enough, there are other who does it better then me and at least: I like to tell stories. I like to see myself as a storyteller and that I’m doing videos that I would enjoy myself.
My mission is ofc to make people to notice that the video they watching is probably from me. I know I don’t success every time but that is at least my goal.

You always worked with younger artists. How it was working with people in their 50s?
Not any different at all so far. The difference is more on the budget on the project. The less money you get – the more freedom do you get. Marie and Per are very professionall artists, they don’t need that much direction from me and a new indie artist might need.

What other artist would you like to work with?
There is a new artist out called Perfume Genius which I would love to do something for. And I really wish that I could do a pitch for Bon Ivers new material, whenever that will be out. And then of course I have my old heroes like Nick Cave, Tindersticks, Tom Waits, The Weakerthans which I also wish I could do something for. Hope they reading this cos Im just waiting HAHA.

Jonas Åkerlund got international fame working with Roxette. Do you expect the same?
No, I don’t think so, in some ways its harder to be a music video director these days because of the record company cris and Mr Åkerlund made a lot of other top notch videos during that time like Prodigy’s Smak my bitch up which probably helped for the international fame. Well let’s see what’s happening. I like Åkerlund a lot and I adore his first feature Spun.

What was your first professional work as director?
I started working with a bunch of Swedish Indie Artist with very small budget, sometimes the budget could be just a free beer the night after. But it was still hard work but I guess The First Aid Kit – Live in the forest I did directed and ofc The Jonathan Johansson – Aldrig Ensam was two of the first things that was a bit bigger then the indie artists before that.

Who are your influences?
When it comes to directors I’m very influenced by Michel Gondry, Peter Jackson, Darren Aronofsky, Takashi Miike, Sofia Coppola, Vincent Gallo, Michael Haneke and, of course, The SplatPack.

Who were your origins?
This is probably surprising since I did a big commercial video but I have a background in splatter&horror movies, I always liked films that had no limits. That’s what I always tries to go for – that no idea can be to weird. Then ofc it has to fit the artist but you should never be afraid to put up the most stupied ideas as long you believes in them yourself.

Would you like to direct a movie?
Yes, of course. It have always been my goal and the reason why I chosed to be a director. But I’m very fine with musicvideo of the simple reason that it’s going very fast to do a video. You can come up with an idea and making it with such a little time. So let’s see what’s happening in the future.
The future belongs to those who believe in the powerof their dreams.

Source: Run to Roxette