Per Gessle - guest at Mix Megapol in Stockholm

Mix Megapol Radio on 8 Feb 2011

Per GesslePer Gessle

Rep:He is Halmtad’s son, artist, song writer, who gave us both Gyllene Tider and Roxette. We all can sing with him, not only hits, both in Swedish and in English. And on Friday it will finally be released Roxette’s new album, “Charm School”. Good morning, welcome back into the studio, Per Håkan Gessle!!!
Per: Thank you very much! 
The first question is evident for you, who have travelled around the world… what would you say: take me to Africa or to Asia? 
I have no idea.
How does it feel? You don’t have to say it right now… If you don’t know the language, they can fool you!
One of the worst subjects for me was school. 
Don’t you have a concert there, down? 
Do we?
In Jemen …no, not Jemen! That country, how is it called? Where you can play golf…
You will have a concert there, I know it!
I know it, too. In May.
But now it is time again…
Indeed, now it is time, we cannot draw back. 
A big tour is coming.
A huge tour is coming. It begins on the 28th of Feb in Kazan in Russia. 
How can you go there? When you are young, I can understand, you have no family, you can go wherever, but you have family… When one has a son who goes to school, like you have, how will he do it? 
Well, you can also travel when you have family. 
Do you take the family with you? 
Yes, I take them as much as I can, but as it has been said, there is a son who goes to school, it is difficult. But we don’t go from home the 28th of Feb and come back in Nov, but we are little bit home during this period. 
But how did it change you? Are you a familist now, compared to when you were 20? (Laughs) I am just joking…
Yes, little bit. (Laughs) 
Or you want to be like the guys from Def Leppard, perhaps… 
Sorry? Perhaps the guy from drums sounds like that… No, we are quite quiet from this poin of view, I think, anyway. 
But you will not live at the hotel all the time. 
No, of course not. We will live in the hotel most of the times, but also on the road, travelling. And also on the plane, everything should be ok. And it is also Marie, she doesn’t want to play 2 evenings in a row..
There must be one free day between…
And that is because she cannot do it. 
How is Marie? 
Marie feels great. She had one free week, she is…tip top! 
How nice! Fantastic!
We anticipate that she is able to come on such big stages. 
Of course! In this case, you can visit the cities during the day… 
Visit the cities? During the day? We can do…
If there is a free day between… you shoud visit Kazan.
Of course, we will do that…
Kazan, there can be a bundy game and it will not be very warm, you know!!
No, I have bought a warm coat. 
Very nice! 
I took it from Dressmann!
Really? Did you think to sell it out after this? Or Roxette T-shirts..
To sell T-shirts at Dressmann??!! 
Yeah, med Roxette – Look sharp! 
We have been on this tour once. 
Why are you laughing? We can talk about Rolling Stones who sold rock’n’roll t’shirts at Dressmann. 
I don’t know, perhaps they like Dressmann. 
Can we talk about very much money…of course it will be a lot of money… 
Yes, they are expensive. 
This company has a lot of money. Now…who have you thought about to work with? 
In fact, I am a bit lazy here… I want to escape from this kind of things; I think it is the same clothes market. 
It feels like you have given up. 
I haven’t thought about it; there are many artists, first of all Americans, but not only, anyway many Americans often have commercials in these off countries, cigarette commercial in Japan, if you have seen Sting and others.
But would you have done this?
No, in fact not. Nobody has asked. 
But I have a friend who has recentrly moved to Los Angeles and said: here is the difference, in comparison to what is there! Here we talk about "sell out", but there they have "sold out"! The phrase “sell out” doesn’t exist there, the only one that they have is “sold out”. 
Well, this can be a matter of attitude. 
We wonder…who owns Rolling Stones’ clothes company? It is the guys themselves or another one? And who buys? 
I think they own it by themselves. 
Probably one mummy who lives in Japan and owns the clothes company “Rolling Stones”…It can happen… 
In my opinion, they own it by themselves, they have power. 
Do we have a song to play now? Here comes No 1 in Switzerland. 

(they are playing “She’s Got Nothing On”)

You have just listened to Roxette’s new single: She’s Got Nothing On, from the album called “Charm School”. And on Friday you will listen to a lot of other new songs, plus deluxe CD, you can get a live CD when buying! And one vinyl disc. 
Yes, there is, too. 
With other few versions of the songs…

Yes, some who are slower and some who are a bit longer…
It seems strange that when you recorded the album, you did it far away in Skåne, right?
Yes, Aerosol Grey Mashine is located somewhere in Skåne. 
It must be something special, something good…
Yes, it is Christoffer Lundquist who owns an old farm and has transformed it into a studio. 
I think he has used it a lot…
Yes, he helped some other artists, as well as me with my fist album, “Mazarin”, 2003. Since then I have recorded all my albums there, in his studio. “En händig man”, “Sun of a Plumber”, “Party……Crasher” or how it is called, right? (all are laughing) Plus the last one with Gyllene Tider, “GT 25”. 
This one, also
So you don’t have problems to choose where to record, Hawai or New York or…
Well, the idea is that the last 10 years, at least, I have worked with Christoffer Lundquist and Clarence Öfwerman, it is us who do the albums. So if we work 4 days in a row, all day long, sleep one hour and work again, we support each other a lot. 
But you must have your daily rhythm, your energy.
But we have it. 
Do you?
I can go home to Stockholm or to Halmstad and have a rest for few days, sleep a bit more, then you can accumulate energy. It is so much to be done. 
Now you have written a lot of songs that bring back the sound of your album from 2001. How many songs do you have with you?
Mainly, everything. 
Is it 100 songs? 
No, perhaps 20, 12…
So you take your guitar and start to play… oh, no…you understand what I mean? 
Talking about the songs, I introduce them to Marie and the songs that she doesn’t feel confortable with, she pushes them away. She likes all the songs, but she cannot sing all of them. She has to choose. And it happens that she says: this text doesn’t fit me…or I don’t like this song in a special way… or..I like the song, but it fits you better. So, “She’s Got Nothing On” is a typical song for me. Ballads are for her
Does it happen to say: Clarence, I don’t care about you, it is me who decides! 
The idea is that I have an influence on them when we work, what I like, they should respect. 
So you don’t say like… you, idot! 
(they are laughing) 

Hello again! Here we have Per Gessle Official and Roxette Official on Facebook, that you can follow.You are really active.
Thank you! I think it is funny to share your thoughts. 
And it is written also about something big… what is bigger than the tour? What is bigger than a comeback? 
Yes, it will happen few things this autumn, but, unfortunately, I cannot say it. 
Can you say little…is it about family…or career…

I keep it secret. It has to do with the job.
Say it!! 
No, I can’t do it, unfortunately. I have to keep silence about that. 
Oh, I get angry, so angry!! 
We’d better finish the subject. 
On Facebook you have uploaded films when Marie sings in the studio, I Have seen many, it is funny, I think. 
Yes, it is funny, I think that it is really cool for the fans to see what happens behind the doors, how their favourite artists record an album or a video or something like this. I think about myself, too, I would like to see how my favourite artists do it.
All the time you work on your albums, you modify songs, do you think that you waste all these hours when you take out and put back all your CDs? 
No, because I have discovered a lot of music that I like and which became inspiration like for “Son of a Plumber” project…I remember them very well… 
How many CDs have you listened to? 
Around 2000… if I write all titles, it will be a real novel. 
I love you!! I have done the same!!! And here comes a question…
Shall we get married after this? 
(they laugh
Here is my question: at New Year’s Eve, at midnight, when they trow fireworks, somebody starts to count 2 minutes… What were you doing?
I don’t know what I was doing… 
Were you attentive at the clock?
I am not sure!
Or probably you said: ah, 2 minutes left
Haven’t you done that? …
But how did it feel when all started to count 2 minutes less… 
2 seconds were ok, but 2 minutes could be a whole single.
Exactly. Now you will go on tour…How many new songs will you play? 
I don’t know yet, we will see, perhaps 5.
5 that are not on the album?
No, 5 which are on the album. We haven’t been on tour for 20 years.
And in total 20 songs, 17…
25 probably. 
wow, this will be 3 hours long!
2 hours, I think. But this is like a greatest hits tour, it’s fantastic. 
What will you start with? 
With something…strong…
Like “Dressed for Success”?
You just guess now…
Nooo, not “Dressed for Success”!! Well, you will start with something, the new album will be out on Friday and it is Marie who sings the song we will listen to now and that is called …
“No One Makes It on Her Own”
Here we are back with Per Gessle who will go to Germany on Friday for the biggest TV-show, “Wetten, dass…?” together with Take That.
In fact I will go to Germany tomorrow early in the morning to prepare the things. 
Marie will not go, will she? 
Marie comes on Friday. 
And how will you talk to them? You talk English or you can talk German, as you can understand it a bit… 
I will talk Swedish, so that they can do their best to understand! 
They will take a translator, then. Germany has another system, with translator.
I prefer English, it is strange with one who sits there and translates.
10 years ago you were on tour with Roxette, I think it is a bit early to talk about which song you will start with. You have almost started with the same song, but can you change a bit? For example in the South America it is song “x” which is more popular, in Dubai… I don’t know which is. 
In Dubai we haven’t played, actually. 
Will you have a hit list for Dubai?
I don’t know…mix megapol in Dubai! 
Yes, perhaps we will be there, too. 
We talk just before the concert which songs we will play. The band is quite flexible. 
Germany is very nice…Is it true that there come tourists from Germany to look at your and Marie’s house in Halmstad? Just to stay there and watch?
Marie has no house in Halmstad. 
Then at your house, to look at the garden.
Yes,it happens sometimes.
Wow, imagine a lot of German fans in your garden! And in Marie’s garden! Marie camping!! Ohh, Guten Morgen!! In the morning… 
And probaly to have aparty after that!! (laughs
You must get frightened!
Yes, I get sometimes, but… 
We know that, after music and family, it is Formula 1 that is your biggest interest, but…please answer this question: do you have team clothes that you put on you sometimes and look in the mirror? 
Haha, I have in fact Mercedes clothes, I can put them on in fron of the TV. But I have put them on when I was in the same picture with one guy from Mercedes, and the clothes I’ve got from my lovely wife. And I was in the same car with Mika Häkkinen, but I couldn’t drive, he couldn’t either, so we got help from a guy that is called Daran Heaves. Well, it was enough for me.
Couln’t you drive by yourself?
How were the expectations?
It was fantastic, everything was perfect, even when they stepped on the break.
Were you frightened?
First time I was frightened, but the second and third times it was just a joy. 
Did you feel bad?
No, never. I felt just a panic, but nothing more…
How many Ferrari cars has Per Gessle? 
I have…4…5 actually.
Oh God, 5 Ferrari! I love you, you know that!! How many other people in Sweden do you think that have the same? 
I have no idea. 
5?? 5??
It is my favourite, in fact a Dino from the year ’72. 
Do you ever drive them?
Always, in summer. It is the fastest car and that has been my dream: to find a quick car! 
Does it look old? 
Well, I renovated it last year. So now it looks tip top. 
Do you have certificate?
Well, I have no certificate from Ferrar where they recognize that it is beautiful or cool. 
Will you sell it? Which one will you sell?
One 599, as I bought another one…
Oh, away with the garbage!! Have you been to live shows?
Yes, I have been to see few of them.
And you, who are pop star, you get a super VIP pass to come in and say hello. 
Yes, a kind of that. 
You don’t have a rest at all. Where have you been latest?
We were in…Barcelona…no, in another place, where there was a Ferrari exposition and you could stay 3 meters away from them, see how they work with these cars. We were guests. 
Have you talked to the drivers?
No, I haven’t, but it has been a fantastic experience. Something else than Mix Megapol!! They didn’t give me any sandwich! 
Nooo, Per Gessle lies now! Here we have bread, sandwiches, what you want. 
Well, on the tour…shall we see Roxette on a Swedish stage? 
Absolutely. What about Göteborg?
It’s not far away! Not Stockholm?
No, not Stockholm. But Slottsskogsvallen in Göteborg. 
How cool! The old arena! 
“Charm School” is released on Friday, thanks a lot, Per Gessle, good luck with everything!
Thank you, too. 

Many thanks to Nico for the translation.


You're welcome! Now I

You're welcome! Now I understand Swedish :)) If you find something in Swedish or German, let me know!