An Endless Tour

Roxette in RussiaRoxette in RussiaPRIVET RUSSIA Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle had the first concert from Roxette world tour yesterday.  

As warm-up, they have spent together their holidays in Russia, both families.



51 concerts in 30 countries.

Roxette begin their world tour in Russia. The new album has already got to the first place in more countries.

– We want to do more, says Per Gessle. Now this is an endless tour.

There are -28 degrees in the morning when Roxette open their first world tour in a town that is rather known forbandy and icehockey than for international rockstars.

Frozen Swedish artists. But in Kazan there is a lot of tension around the world premiere the the local hope is that Roxette will be followed by more artists of the world.

– It was really great, but it felt a bit nervous as it was the first concert, says Marie Fredriksson after the concert. It is nice that the tour has started anyway and we can do it. It will become better and better. I am looking forward to playing in South America.

The wish to play in Australia and USA

After all the tickets for the concerts in Moscow and St Petersburg were sold last autumn, they have been offered 9 more shows in East. It felt like a good start, little like off Broadway.

– The tour has increased when we notice how many tickets we have sold, says Per Gessle. This has expanded a lot.

And it can become bigger.

– We would like to go to Australia, Canada or USA and as much as possible. There are plans and schedules. We have said that this is an endless tour. Everything depends on how Marie feels. We are not like an usual band. She must believe that it is cool and must be motivated.

”She didn’t have self-confidence”

Roxette’s comeback began one evening in Amsterdam, 2009, where Marie Fredriksson, as a guest, sang 2 songs on Gessle’s solo tour.

– She wanted more, but she didn’t have self-confidence, says Per Gessle. But the fans’ feedback made her stronger. She gets so incredible much power on the stage from her fans.

Roxette’s comeback is like the beginning of school. Little by little, more and more. The next step was Night of the proms.

– The tour was perfect, only 5 songs in one evening. But we played a lot and she needs routine, says Per Gessle. The difference between the first and the last concert was enormous. Marie was another person.

Roxette and Marie Fredriksson were able to go on.

– We were able to go on just because Marie was able to do it; we played 8 shows of 90 minutes each in the summer of 2010. This tour is a continuation of that one.

Have spent the holidays together

As warm-up for the tour, they have spent their holidays together, both families. Children and wife, respectively husband were in Russia. Week number 7 of the year, called in Swedish “sport week holidays”.

– It is wonderful, I think, a good support, säys Marie Fredriksson. It is cool. Oscar knows the songs better than me.

Now Roxette play 3 songs from the new album "Charm school".

– There will be more next month, says Per Gessle. We add one song for each continent. The concerts will be longer and longer. We begin a bit attentively, but the tour will change. Of course this depends on Marie. It is difficult for her to learn too much new material at the same time.

Like a work training

– This is the best rehabilitation of the world, säys Per Gessle. Marie must learn again how life is on tour. If we are out as we are now, it takes probably one year. You must go and have a rest, sleep. You cannot party like at the age of 25. You must go to the gym and move.

The concerts have been programmed to give a chance to have a rest.

– As little as possible we will play 2 evenings in a row. When we travel, we will not play, then Marie can go to sleep when we arrive. So that we are in perfect shape the day when we play. We try to take one week holidays, the last week of every month.

”In fact both of us wanted to go out”

The songs and the live performances have strengthened her.

– Marie nowadays, with this motivation and will, has not existed in Roxette since Look Sharp times 1988, says Per Gessle. That time she was the same. Both of us wanted to go out. But when we did Room Service in 2001, Marie was very tired of music and of course tired of me. Now, when we recorded the album, she was the first time in the studio.

Per Gessle has had many chances as solo artist and with Gyllene Tider the last 10 years. But to record and go on tour again with Marie Fredriksson is something special.

– Roxette is the biggest band I have been with, says Per Gessle. When Marie came to me after Amsterdam show and asked if I could write a new Roxette album, I felt... wow. Here I am. To be involved in this project was really cool. So it was possible to make a new album – a new tour we hadn’t thought about.

Now they have started a journey that can last no matter how much.


Source: Aftonbladet