Per Gessle - En händig man - how to use tools ...

Per Gessle is very good at putting songs together, a handy man, we can say. It is also the name of his latest album. But how handy is he when it comes about tools?

Per: I don’t know the name of this. I don’t know what it can be, it looks like a hexagon used by the strange guys to make a sign on their forehead.

Reporter: Such a key is used when you change the tires.

Per: Really? When you change tires? Aha… No, I haven’t done this, but it looks very difficult. I think I can manage this. (…) All say that this is a parmesan knife; you can put this into parmesan and get perfect balls that you can put on brochutto.

Reporter: That instrument is used when you change a door, so that it is straight.

Per: and you must hold it like this not to cut yourself. You can also have it at the gym, if you are very stubborn. (…) With this one you can measure how much parmesan you eat after you have used the previous instrument. So when you get the parmesan balls, then you measure 5 cm, that is a perfect quantity to put on brochutto. No, I have never seen this, in fact, it is very cute. And it is also very glittery. Decorative. Very nice. How is called this one? (…) Yes, this model is very useful, you can put it into your ear like this and you can hear better; or the other way round, if you go to Globen and they play too much Iron Madein. No, I don’t know what it is, it looks like a stopper for a bottle, but it is not this either. Isn’t it something from the heater? Nooo…

Reporter: This is used to put together 2 electric cables.

Per: Ah, exactly, I have never seen this, but it is nice and reminds me little of how you can do a rocket, like this… (…) A hammer, this is also cute. No, I…I, well… they have seen me fixing a picture on the wall.

Reporter: And to say a secret, Per Gessle should work on his knowledge about tools, perhaps his son, Gabriel, will be a handy man.

Per: No, I don’t think so. He is really good at computers and such things. He is really quick to learn some commands that I couldn’t do.

 Source: Youtube - watch the interview HERE