Gyllene Tider - The making of "Teaser Japanese"


An airplane has arrived at Bromma Airport in Stockholm. One weekend at the end of January a lot of people came to the airport, as they were planning to record a music video.

Per: It is a film of one of our singles that is called “Teaser Japanese” that will reflect the 30’s, we thought, in a sort of China town with café.

Gyllene Tider is the band who is as big in Sweden as it was 3 years ago. Now they have a goal: a higher career, that is why they are making a video and start to sing in English. And how is it with the audience from home? Don’t you lose it?

Per: You should assume a risk, I think we will lose some, we do that here, in Sweden, I think, definitively, but you have to pay this. But we have thought also about the fact that the disc is made in Sweden. (laughs)

And when you are prepared to start with your first video, then you are really stressed about everything that should be fixed, up to the stage. Anyway, it becomes a Swedish recipe for a good music video.

Rickard Petrelius (director): Personally I think that rock music is very well-spread. You use very quick images in the videos; our ambition is to try to find other solutions, with longer sceneries, where the pictures can say more, instead of inserting different effects.

Now it is time. All begin to be ready. The light is adjusted and the photographers are prepared. It is ready to be recorded.

Now it’s time!