Per Gessle - They call us artists (PART 3 - the last part)

Rep: What does Per Gessle have so that everything that he does, functions? If you understand what I mean…

Christoffer: I think it his handicapped vocal cords J) (laughs) It is something special with his voice. Anyway, the songs, the texts are fantastic altogether. But his voice transmits you something special, it is his voice that all in the world want to hear, no matter what language he talks. He can sing in Spanish, it doesn’t matter, he will sell over one million albums anyway.

Clarence: Yes, it is a combination of a teen-ager and an adult. But he is that type of person who doesn’t have a rest, just do this and do that all the time! He should always have something to do, write a new song, write something, make a new album…

Per: If you think that something is funny, then you get energy. This happens with everything. It is … When I was little, I didn’t have any plan about what I would become in my life, what I would do. I just wanted to work, to play in a pop band, it was like that. The first day when I visited MP, he said that he had become guitar player in Gyllene, it was his first band, a band that I visited in Harplinge, outside Halmstad. From one day to another everything changed, it was exactly this I wanted to deal with. I loved everything about pop bands, pop culture, music CDs, hits, instruments, cables, loudspeakers, it was like my planet. I have discovered that it gave me a special energy, I just wanted to fulfil my dream, my ambition.

Rep: You get 50 in January.

Per: Yes.

Rep: Are you still a pop star?

Per: (laughs) I don’t know. Yes, sometimes I am, I have noticed. But I don’t know, I don’t think exactly like that, but it is true.

Per: I try to maximize my things, so I need help to make it as good as possible. It is funny to see how they work on music. Perhaps it is difficult for them to do how I do. This cooperation makes it function and be something special.

Christoffer: Yes, absolutely.

Per: And then you find such great co-operators like Helena and in the live band people like Magnus that fit very well. Perhaps this also makes the band be admired by many people. This makes us much better.

Per: I should say one of my songs that I like most… Well, it is not so easy, I have written extremely much during years, but I can stop at one song that is called “Tycker om när du tar på mig” (I like when you touch my body), a song about love and I think that is really difficult to write love texts with feelings that feel natural, real. But I think I have succeeded with that. So let’s play it!