Per Gessle - Interview at Morning News 2008-12-06

Rep: I think we have sound now… Good morning, Per Gessle! You think that, too, right?

Per: Yes, of course. There is always something you should believe in.

Rep: Indeed. I have to say who are the members in your band, excepting you, there is Clarence Öfwerman, at drums and piano, Magnus Börjeson at bas, Jonas Isacsson at guitar and Helena Josefsson in chorus. Helena…what does she mean?

Per: Wow… I started to work with her at Mazarin album, 2003, and I have chosen her since then. She is a fantastic singer, she is… Well, sometimes you think that it is good to choose a bit worse co-operators (laughs), it is better because you feel comfortable, but she is really great.

Rep: So, in a way, even if it is not good to compare them, but she reminds a little bit of Marie Fredriksson, I think, when I listen to her albums. Can you try to analyse their different voices?

Per: She is... well, I don’t think that she reminds so much of Marie, they have quite different styles. And on the other hand, both my voice and Marie’s voice fit Helena’s voice, and also Helena’s voice and my voice fit together, so the sound of the songs is really good.

Rep: Perhaps that is why many people say that she sounds like Marie.

Per: Probably the songs are the same...(laughs), I don’t know.

Rep: (refers to a song on En händig man, he doesn’t say which) It reminds a bit of Roxette, even if the song is not representative for the whole album, I mean not the dance rhythm of the album... 

Per: Yes, perhaps Unplugged version! Yes, this one could be an old Roxette ballad, somewhere in a skating hall; of course I agree that the album does not sound exactly like that, but it is nice to be able to write songs like that, I think...

Rep: Clarence Öfwerman’s importance...

Per: Oh, Clarence is the producer, together with Christoffer Lundquist, Clarence has been working with us since 1986, when the first Roxette album was released. I can say that he represents me, he is really good! I need musicians that are really good, because I am full of ideas, I listen to a lot of English songs, but it is difficult for me to play them by myself.

Rep: Do you mean it? Are you weaker?

Per: Well, we do a lot of things together, it is not only me; some of them are programmers, they work with computers and everything that is technical. This is not really my cup of tea (laughs). I am good at some things, but not really these ones. I can write, but I need help with other things that I cannot do.

Rep: How was the process? Some people say that it went so quickly to record the disk, but this disk was not so easy to record, if you know what I mean.

Per: It was a quite normal period of time, we have worked about 35 days in the studio, exclusively remixes, and it’s a normal long period of time. It is not much difference. And then, we didn’t think that it would become an album at all, I was on tour and promoted the songs last year here in Sweden; I just tried to write the songs in another way, so it became an album…before last Christmas, of course, it should have been like that. Then I started to work again in January.

Rep: And the new style… will it come back to you? Because you will get into charts later! But we will talk a bit more about the new style that you have thought about and which is more electronic. So we come back.

Per: Of course, thank you.

Rep: So, after advertisements and news, we have our Saturday guest, Katarina Frostenson.