Per Gessle - Interview Svenska Dagbladet 2008-11-28

Per: It is absolutely not like that, but the question is if I am like that.

Rep: We are absolutely talking about Party Crasher that he has recorded and sold to the whole Europe. And he learn to “pack himself” like this:

Per: The guy from Roxette, it’s simple. It is easy like that for someone who has a Roxette-star on his forehead.

Rep: The single Seally Really has already become a hit in Sweden and it opens the album with English texts, which will be spread outside the country.

Per: It sounds modern and new, at the same time it has a huge respect for what has been before. The song is a mixture of the disco from the ‘70s, elements of the ‘80s, typical song writers of the ‘90s, a modern result in a way; I think it is attractive, I hope the others think the same.

Rep: With Roxette he has fulfilled a lot of his dreams, especially to become number one in the USA. Congratulations!

Per: In the USA… it was long time ago, so it is quite late to say congratulations now (laughs). But it was great that time, it was ’89 when we became No.1 with The Look.

Rep: By the way, we are talking about Roxette, but you can hear Helena Josefsson who is in chorus at many songs, the same much as a great Swedish music export, especially at the song Sing Along.

Per: I understand what you mean. There is a similarity with Roxette, it feels like that when it is in English and it is a voice mixture of man – woman in many songs. Sometimes you say: oh, no, it is exactly like Marie and Per, it sounds exactly like Marie. But we expected to be like that and Helena is a fantastic singer, as well. It’s nice.

Rep: And perhaps you will write a Roxette album in the future.

Per: For the moment it is very difficult for Marie to stay on the stage. It is a confusing situation. I think it will be cool, but we will see.

Rep: Do you want to do it?

Per: Absolutely. If she wants it, I will do it. We haven’t talked about it, how to do and if to do something. She is like a little baby now, who you have to take care of.