Per Gessle - Interview Aftonbladet Rockbjörnskung 2008

Rep: He is one of our most successful artists of all times. Sometimes he sings in Swedish, sometimes in English. Sometimes he has his colleagues from Gyllene Tider by his side and sometimes he sings besides his colleague from Roxette, Marie Fredriksson. He has sold 75 millions disks and has been on many world tours as well. That is why it is not so strange that this artist has got most of Rockbjörn (rock bear) trophies, 13 pieces: Per Gessle.

Per: Is that right? 13 pieces? Yes, it is really fantastic. I think that this is the nicest prize, because there are the people who have voted. I am very happy, indeed. It was long ago I got one, I hope I will get one more soon, before I die.

Rep: You have released a new album now, perhaps you get one for that.

Per: Can you arrange that?

Rep: I will try! (laughs)

Per: How good! (laughs)

Rep: No, Per Gessle didn’t have a strong control on how many Rockbjörnar he has got, but he knows where they are placed, in fact.

Per: They are at the window of a room where I go very rarely, but I didn’t know they are 13 in that long row.

Rep: You have got both for Gyllene Tider, Roxette and your own things. Which is the most important?

Per: A Teddy-bear is always a Teddy-bear, as boys use to say in Halmstad.

Rep: Is there any Rockbjörn that you didn’t get and you would have liked to get it, in any category?

Per: The best female singer, this I have never got! (laughs)

Rep: Do you think that you should get it?

Per: If I play in the highest voice, that can be an alternative. Well, I don’t remember what we have got, song of the year, album of the year… tour of the year… but I appreciate everything, everything is great! It doesn’t matter what it is. It is cool to come to such a ceremony.