Marie Fredriksson: "The doctors gave me half a year"

Marie Fredriksson about her fight against cancer

Soon, Roxette will do a huge comeback after Marie Frediksson's cancer. Per Gessle describes this as a miracle. 

Now the singer tells us that the doctors - when it was the worst - gave her just half a year more to live. "It has been a hard fight", she says to Lotta Brome from P4 Extra.

Lotta Brome's interview with Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will be broadcasted today at P4 Extra. In the programme they will talk about how they will start Roxette's first world tour since 2001, this monday. The tour starts in Russia and the reaction of the audience has been huge.

"It feels fantastic. We have incredibly many fans who are looking forward to getting the album and also to seeing us playing again. It feels realy well", says Marie.

Free from cancer

A big part of today's program at P4 will focus on how Marie is feeling. Today the singer has got rid of cancer, but it was long time ago when she could manage by herself.

When she was asked if she thought that Roxette would go on stage again and play once in the future, after the difficult period of time had been over, the answer was "no".

"No, because I was so sick. But after that I suceeded to ge rid of it, I have got a new power", says Marie Fredriksson.

A difficult fight

At the same time she tells us that in a critical moment, during the sickness, has got the most black information that she had ever got - and this makes the comeback even bigger.

"I have always believed that I would manage that. Even if it was the worst moment and they said that I just had half a year more to live. Like this it was. But in my soul, I was feeling that I would manage it. But it has been a difficult fight, indeed", says Marie.

"This is a miracle"

Per Gessle says that it was during a show in Amsterdam in 2009 when the band dared hope for a comeback for the first time.

"Marie came on the stage and we played The Look and It Must Have Been Love together. The response that Marie got has never happened to me, and then I saw in her eyes that it was there she felt at home!" he says.

"It is really a miracle," he syas, and Marie agrees: "It is a miracle, indeed. It is something unexpected."

"P4 Extra" with Lotta Brome will be broadcasted at 13.25.

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The tumor was discovered in September 2002

It was in September 2002 when the doctors discovered a brain tumor at Marie. It was the time when she and Per Gessle were about to start a tour in Europe to promote Roxette, but it was postponed when Marie had to be treated. 

2005 Marie was declared healthy again and since then she fighted day by day until today when she is ready to meet the world again with Per Gessle during the coming world tour, which starts in Russia on Monday.