Interview with Roxette - 1991

 Rep: We will meet here, the time is 5.00 and we are here in the dressing room of the hotel and I would like to ask Marie: when does Per come? Does he come at 4.50, at 5.00 or at 5.10?

Marie: He comes at 5.30!

Rep: He always comes at 5.30!?!

Marie: No, but he comes much later, I don’t think he has learned too much about the time. He thinks that it is me who is not in time...

Rep: Perhaps we don’t have to ask Per if it is true...

Per: Yes, it is true, unfortunately, I try to be in time, but there is always something I have to finish. Well, perhaps at the age of 39 you feel the time differently, you have to synchronise in a way. (laughs)

The first owned album

Per: Oh, I haven’t thought about that! Mmm, Monkeys!

Rep: Is that true?

Marie: Yes, correctly!

Rep: What about Per? His first owned disk?  

Marie: He bought it for 5 crowns from his brother, as I know, and it was .. I don’t remember exactly who...

Per: We listened to them all the time.

Marie: Yes. I can’t remember. Was it Beatles? Or who? The Kinks...

Per: It was The Kinks!

Rep: You bought it for 5 crowns?

Per: Yes, I bought it from my brother, he wanted to buy cigarettes and he sold a disk to me to get money.

Dream job as little child

Marie: Per wanted to become a designer.

Per: True!

Marie: You know, we had a lot of interviews and we know these things! (laughs)

Rep: But it is good! (laughs) And Marie?

Per: She wanted to become a gardening master, later she wanted to become an actrice, to play theatre. But as an alternative to it, there was gardener, to cut and take care of roses and...

 The best concert of the tour

 Per: For Marie, it can be... there are many, I think, it can be Barcelona...

Marie: Barcelona was great, all the fans were supporting us, it was wonderful, all were dancing...

Rep: And all were singing.

Marie: Yes, it was fantastic.

Rep: And for Per? Which concert was the best?

Marie: I think Frankfurt.

Per: Well, you can’t say a special one, because all were open-air concerts and they were wonderful. All in Germany, Rotterdam was impressing... Copenhagen as well, Halmstad was incredible!! I want to play in Halmstad!

Favourite song

Marie: I think that ‘The Look’ is one of his favourite songs to play live.

Rep: Is that true?

Per: Yeah, because I get rid from singing, as the audience sings instead! (laughs) It is perfect!

Rep: And Marie’s favourite song?

Per: Well, it can be ‘Watercolours in the Rain’ or ‘It Must Have Been Love’.

Rep: And for which of them do you have more feelings?   

Marie: I can say that ‘It Must Have Been Love’ is one of our biggest hits, I know it perfectly. It is difficult to say what I feel, it depends on each song.

The worst concert

Per: There are many! (laughs) I know one that she didn’t think it was so cool, Oslo. Then it is Dallas. And that is because Marie was playing ‘It Must Have Been Love’ on the piano and lost the rhythm a bit...

Rep: I understand that.

Per: Show business.

Rep: And for Per?

Marie: It is difficult. I don’t know, in fact.

Per: I don’t think that one special concert was difficult or bad, I think that all were pretty good, Marie had some technical problems in Oslo, it is easy to make mistakes, but I didn’t complain about that!

Free time on tour

Marie: I think that he writes a lot, when he has time for that; otherwise I think that he wants to sleep as much as possible. Well, we have days when we can travel to Los Angeles or Paris and he perhaps buys clothes and other things...

Rep: For himself!

Marie: Yes, for himself!

Per: I detest clothes! (laughs)

Rep: How about Marie? Does she write, too? As there is free time for her, too.

Per: I don’t think so, but I think that she calls and talks on the phone pretty much, as she doesn’t complain on the phone, in fact.

Marie: It is very expensive to call from the hotel. But it is worth every crown, I think that it’s important to keep in touch with the family, with friends. Perhaps you are away a lot, like we are away 2 months and a half... and...yes...very important.

When is her / his birthday?

Per: Mmm, this also? Mmm May 30th...

Rep: And she turns...

Marie: I turned in fact 34, if he knows that! (laughs) Per’s birthday is January 12th and he is one year younger than me, he turned 33.

Rep: So you have almost the same age.

Marie: Yes.

Rep: I wish you a pleasant journey to South America.

Marie and Per: Thank you!