Per Gessle at 'Sen kväll' (=Late evening) show with Luuk

 Rep: Congratulations, Per, have a seat, please!  

Per: Thank you!

Rep: welcome here! It is really nice having you here. I am a huge fan!

Per: Yes, I know it J

Rep: Is it the first time when you are sitting alone on this sofa, right? Or at least it was long time ago.

Per: Yes, it is in fact. I couldn’t decide upon my coat. It is not like this it should be.

Rep: A few years ago you could try few different coats, anyway. But that time you were with Marie all the time.

Per: Indeed.

Rep: And now she is not here to hold your hand.

Per: No, it is a bit boring

Rep: How does it feel? Are you nervous?

Per: No, not at all.

Rep: Why do you have a solo career now?

Per: well, it is because Marie got a child and she wanted to take it easy for a while, that is why I can manage with one own album.

Rep: And this will be released in one month, we will watch the video at the end of the show. I have asked you to take with you some of the most important disks that you have played in your life. And I have here some of them.

Per: I wanted to take a container.

Rep: Yes, half of them are outside.

Per: Shall I take them out?

Rep: Yes, I just put this up, here. We have here a beautiful gramophone, where I was thinking to play some...

Per: I also have one of this!  

Rep: You, too??

Per: Yes, I have a Scandic, you have another one.

Rep: But they all work well. The problem is that the weight of pressing on the disks is 15 grams.

Per: Well, I was not thinking about that.

Rep: But it doesn’t mean that someone is poor! (laughs) We can talk a bit about what you have here.

Per:  Well, I have chosen disks that should be in everyone’s collection, I think.

Rep: Was it difficult to choose?

Per: It was difficult to bring them here, I thought they would get broken on the plane, but... there are as many as you want.

Rep: Let’s begin, which is the first one?

Per: This one I have chosen because it talks a lot about the Swedish pop groups. The group Tages. It is a very nice album, it was a really great music in the ‘60s. Especially this song of Tages.

Rep: But they didn’t sell so much, we can play this song.

Per: I wrote here 18.

Rep: We can say 20.

Per: Here it is written my old telephone number, too.  

Rep: Let’s play it now!

Per: Wow, it sounds great!

Rep: Who is singing?

Per: It is their vocalist.

Rep: When did you buy it?

Per: Wait, the refrain is coming soon. Well, ’66 – ’67.

Rep: You have written here the number 18. What does it mean?

Per: It means that it is number 18 in my single book, I have a plastic file.

Rep: You have order in your things. Now the refrain is coming!

Per: Yes, put your seatbelt!!

Rep: Great! Thanks for Tages! Ah, John Holm, right?

Per: We can take it!

Rep: It is very nicely packed. On your first solo album, you have done a cover of one song from them, right?

Per: Yes, Den Öde Stranden. I played it also with Gyllene Tider last summer.

Rep: Who is John Holm?

Per: He is one of the best Swedish artists and song writers that have existed. This song was recorded in ’72. He lives in America now.

Rep: And there he started to make movies…

Per: Yes.

Rep: He has done few films, John Holm.

Per: I think he has done three.

Rep: He sings a bit like you, in Gyllene Tider.

Per: Or I sing worse. In fact, when I started to sing in Gyllene, it was because no one else wanted to sing. That time I got a bit more self confidence, as I thought it was easy to sing, buy in fact it was a bit strange. I dared to sing in the end. So John Holm is great.

Rep: Great that you took Swedish disks with you.

Per: That disk sounds the same good like a disk from the ‘60s.

Rep: Yes, it does. Sometimes it is better when you see them.

Per: Yes, you’re right.

Rep: Beatles, of course…

Per: well, I was thinking about them. My favourite song with Beatles is the last one. “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”, the most appreciated song, I think. Little quicker than “Yesterday”. It sounds really fantastic. It is like they have been done for this song.

Rep: Yes... We have to show that Per has a special stamp on the backside, so that you know whose disk it is.

Per: Yes, but it was important to know if you had a party or something.

Rep: Aha, of course! If somebody took it, then he could see: oh, it was Per Gessle’s disk! (laughs)

Per: Yes, it can happen. This one I could play at guitar.

Rep: show this one which has inspired you a lot.

Per: Exactly. This is an incredible good disk. “Teenage Head” with Flamin’ Groovies. And I was thinking that we can play it if you want.

Rep: NO!!

Per: (laughs) But if you have this disk when you are 12 or 13 years old, then of course that you want to become a pop star or a rock star and not an architect or a doctor or something. Look at this, it is really good.

Rep: Little inspiration. The last one. We cannot take all of them as we have a lot of other questions for you.

Per: This one, for example.

Rep: Which one? Show it! But this one is funny, in fact. Hep Stars on Stage. You have written here by hand.

Per: Yes, I have written ‘Sunny Girl’ as I like this song a lot. Benny from ABBA is here, too. This is a very nice live album from Trollhättan and Värsterås, with Hep Stars.

Rep: But this is typical for you, to register your disks, to put numbers on them...

Per: I did that before, but I don’t do that anymore.

Rep: But you have so many!

Per: Yes, I have..

Rep: How many disks do you have?

Per: Well, these vinyl ones that I haven’t played for a long time, perhaps 1000 or more. 

 Rep: You are... well, I presented you as Sweden’s richest guy.

Per: Yes, I heard that!

Rep: How does it feel?

Per: Oh, it was quite expected.

Rep: Was it?

Per: Yes.

Rep: You were at my house one day and we had a coffee and you were talking about how you live. Can you do that for our viewers? So you have 2 floors in the same apartment, the same house in Strandvägen.

Per: You can say that I live on one floor and the other floor I have for my studio and my office.

Rep: And you have a little floor more.

Per: Yes, they are 2 different apartments.

Rep: What could be its value?

Per: (laughs) I don’t know, I am not a real estate agent. No offer!

Rep: When did you fly by helicopter last time?

Per: It must be last summer, with Gyllene Tider.

Rep: Nooo, you said that you would go to Formula 1.

Per: Ah, exactly. Good! It was last autumn.

Rep: Why did you take the helicopter there?

Per: Because it is the fastest. (laughs)

Rep: There is a special life that you live. Sometimes I think if you go to buy something by yourself. As if I think back in time when I was a student and studied, I didn’t have money, so it should have been a party to take a taxi. I take a taxi home today.  Well, if I wanted to buy some sunglasses, I could wait one year, but you can go and buy everything now.

Per: But what shall I do so long time? (laughs)

Rep: That’s right. But are there things that you want and they are on the next level and you have to watch for something else instead?

Per: Well, I want a family, I want a child.

Rep: Yes, I have read about that, it is very funny.

Per: I didn’t know it.

Rep: Yes, but it was written like that in the newspaper. (laughs) But the funniest thing is that both I and Per will be fathers in September. That is little bit funny.

Per: The same mother! (laughs)

Rep: No, it is not. But I was thinking to have them near each other.

Per: Yes, that would be cute.

Rep: How did you find out that you would be a father?

Per: I have read in Aftonbladet ... no! (laughs)

Rep: Sorry, what did you say??

Per: No, I found out somewhere on New Year’s Eve.

Rep: Have you looked by yourself at the pregnancy test?

Per: No.

Rep: You didn’t want to see it!

Per: She woke me up.

Rep: Ah, ok, really? Nice! I looked at the pregnancy test by myself, but I was a bit afraid at the beginning, I closed my eyes. It was funny. Have you been at the doctor?

Per: No, I haven’t been.

Rep: You haven’t? Soon she has to do a control for 4 months.

Per: (laughs) But how was it? Have you been there?

Rep: No, I didn’t succeed to go, but it is time to do that soon. I was there once. And there was an old lady there and I asked: how is it with narcotic during pregnancy?

Per: (laughs)

Rep: Have you noticed that people react differently when they find out that they will get a child? And first of all girls get happier than boys when they find this out. Have you noticed it?

Per: No. I think that it is mostly a thing for girls. It is them who have to do with pregnancy. A boy is a bit “outside”.

Rep: We don’t have a feeling about it?

Per: No. It is like the 5th wheel, in a way.

Rep: Perhaps we are more active when we see the ultra sounds.

Per: It will be exciting.

Rep: I have a present for you, Per. It is a very good book called “Du ska bli papa” (=you will become a father). The only book written in Swedish. I was also thinking to sign it for you, to give you an autograph. (laughs) I have never done that before. So I write like this: “Till papa Per från papa Luuk” (=to daddy Per from daddy Luuk).

Per: I am very happy!

Rep: This is very good, indeed. Please, here you are! Read it!

Per: Thank you.

Rep: I think you can solve many problems now.

Per: It sounds like I must have it with me all the time.

Rep: Perhaps it comes the helicopter.

Per: Or not! (laughs)

Rep: A last thing before you go. We watch each other in the eyes, the one who laughs, loses the game.

Per: Are you ready?

Rep: Per Gessle, the game starts now!! (...) (the reporter starts to laugh) Per Gessle has won! Thank you very much!

Per: Thank you!