Roxette: Recording 'Look Sharp'

 Marie: Through music you get feelings, from the beginning, you can press a button on a machine and just get a feeling. I like the technique that exists, if you have control on it, you don’t have to make a mess in this technique. It must be us who have to help the machine all the time, you record your voice or a guitar, you can mix them, I think that it’s a good combination.  

Per: Indeed, you can work on a song one month, you keep it in that machine and perhaps you find new sounds, you control it all the time.

Marie: I think that music is like an art, it is something that you cannot export if it’s not good.

Per: Almost all musicians work like this nowadays, almost all use the same type of sync, the same type of machines. So it takes a long time to find your own sound, all want to find the best sound using the best technique to make the best music. The same way, unfortunately. Nowadays the music is more stable than it was few years ago, regarding sound. If you don’t have a good material, it is no worth to stay here in the studio as it costs a lot of money.

Rep: So you prefer to bring all your summer energy here into the studio, instead of being outside!

Marie: It’s ok. I have succeeded to be here when our producers, Anders and Clarence tried to program everything. It takes a long time to do that, to change a song, to discover something that is wrong and try it again and so on, then it feels like: no, I can’t resist being here longer! And that time I go out and enjoy the sun and it is really great! And it felt really strange when people went by and looked at me: oh, it is her who sings ‘Neverending Love’. So, it is ok to mix these things.