Roxette: The comeback to Vienna arena


Roxette: The comeback to the Vienna arena

Almost ten years – so long the fans had to wait until Roxette had a new concert at Vienna arena. The fact that this was possible last Monday was a real wonder. Because the singer Marie Fredriksson needed a long time to recover after the brain tumour. The fans celebrated this perfect comeback show in a crazy way.

"We forgot this one!" – "But we haven’t forgotten this!" Exactly at the end of the concert the guitar player Per Gessle showed that he didn’t lose his smile and turns the fans hot for an extra moment: "Listen To Your Heart", one of the biggest classic songs from Roxette. There is a very good mood once again for everyone.

The joyride through the band’s 25 years of history lasted two hours. From the first song, "Dressed For Success", the sound was perfect and the group was visibly nervous during the show. Can we compare it to the Spartan stage? The band with 7 members that was not exactly anything different?! All was the same. Charisma and the good mood for playing made everything relaxing.

Handclap, singing, crying

Because Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson were coming all the time to the edge of the stage to touch the fans, to sing or to make people cry. And they were shining as if the dark shadow of Marie’s illness had never existed over the previous years. Of course that the singer Marie Frediksson has some restrictions now, 9 years since the operation and can’t run on the stage anymore. Also her voice seemed to be more impressing earlier. Anyway it is unbelievable that it is Marie the girl who is standing there up at the microphone.

One more beer with Per and Marie after the concert?

It was amazing on Monday evening how near the duo and their band came. Anyway, you had all the time that feeling that there up on the stage there were standing old friends, who had to make a rock concert on a funny occasion – and they enjoyed this as small children. The Rock star image that seemed ridiculous in case of other groups was genuine, funny and veritable here. Here we can count also the dancing game of three members near the edge of the stage and a nice Danube waltz at guitar. You could almost expect that after the concert, the band could come in front of the stage to finish the evening together with the fans by drinking beer. Of course that was an illusion. Then it was the routine, first of all, that made the concert seem so typical. Roxette know well enough which songs are expected by the fans. Because of that the Swedes hardly played any song from the new album "Charm School", but classic songs instead, as "How Do You Do", "Joyride", "The Look" and "Dangerous". Because they sound the best. First of all, if the fans sing along, the band just stands on the stage and has control over the music, smiling to the audience. This happens at "It Must Have Been Love", a song that the audience in Wien could easily sing up to the end, if Roxette had permitted this.

If Marie  which we could understand  would like to stop going on tour, the fans from Vienna could look back at this evening with one smiling eye and one crying eye. Crying because one of the biggest pop acts in the past decades could not be repeated. And smiling because after this show they could keep the best memory of their favourite singer.

Tobias Pusch