Interview with Åsa Gessle

 Watch the interview on the Swedish TV4 HERE

Reporter: Now we are sitting in the back side of the garden. What does this side mean to you? 

Åsa: It means everything for me, I have to say, first of all the opportunity to wake up in the morning and be able to go out into the little garden in front of the kitchen, hear the song of the birds and drink a cup of coffee and make little order. Here are my nice slippers, I have got them from my uncle and aunt (my father’s brother and his wife) when I got 30 years old. I just have them in the garden, then I am from Skåne. Here is my red and yellow lilac, this one has the most quiet and strongest color of all the flowers we have, I think. I like also this white lilac as well. But we need also some other colors. 

Reporter: When Åsa and her family are at home in Halmstad, during the summer months, the garden needs to be taken care of really much. And there is a very special fir-tree in the garden. 

Åsa: This fir-tree we got when we moved into the house and it was a present for us, 1997, and that time it was just 0.5 m high, so in 13 years it has grown so much, even if my mother-in-law thought that it was placed really wrong, but it grew up really well.

Reporter: And the concrete was not chosen by you… 

Åsa: No, it was Abelado Gonzales who is the architect of the house and he presented the concrete, then I refused when he presented it in the beginning of the 1990s. Then we said we do a little part, but it was ok and we continued. These huge flower pots we bought 1997, when we moved in and they are still the same beautiful. 

Reporter: Åsa says how beautiful her flowers are, even if they have died. 

Åsa: The fact that nothing is perfect… If you have your beautiful part, that part should be beautiful anyway. I don’t know how to explain this. It is not the same perfect as when they have a charm…

Reporter: Now, since Åsa has her own lamp collection, she got used to be attentive with herself as a designer. Here is the photographer Anders Selström who takes pictures for a magazine. 

Åsa: When you see that more people know and perhaps appreciate what I do, it is of course very nice that someone likes what I like, if I can say like that. I would like to find lamps that are really straight, really simple, regarding their form. I think that it’s really nice to have a window that has a big lamp, I would appreciate it and it feels good to deal with this. 

Reporter: The fact that your name is Åsa Gessle, what importance do you think it has?

Åsa: Of course that there is a bit extra curiosity about what I do and what I can. But I think that the lamps are not bought just because it is me, it is my name. Not this is what I like, anyway.

Reporter: Before I finish my meeting with Åsa Gessle, I have to ask about the man that she has in the garden. 

Åsa: Yes, here we have a great man; he is very quiet and beautiful. Well, he doesn’t make noises, I think. And I think that he fits perfectly in this environment, where you must take it easy (be quiet). He can lie down in flowers, on the grass, in water. But this one that we have is here. And has a nice bottom…

Source: TV4