Marie Fredriksson: Interview at TV4 About Her First Art Exhibition: After The Change

 Reporter: Three years ago Marie Fredriksson, the world star from Roxette, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Since then she has been fighting to come back to life again. A way to do that was painting and today she inaugurates her first exhibition at a gallery in Stockholm.

Marie: Thank you, God, that I still can draw. Time goes, life goes, and you must do what you want to do. You must fulfil your dreams. I am so happy that I have finally opened this exhibition.

Reporter: Marie Fredriksson has painted all the time, in parallel with making music. But it has been private until now. Now she exposes 24 very personal paintings and the exhibition is called “After the Change”. But how is it going when you do this? It goes quite quickly...

Marie: Yes, it does.

Reporter: So that the pencil gets damaged!

Marie: Yes, you can think like that.

Reporter: So you have worked hard for the latest paintings...

Marie: I was totally sweat, you are captured in this work, you are in love with it.

Reporter: Many people wonder how you feel.

Marie: I feel good, really. I have eaten a lot of medicines at the beginning, but now there is almost no medicine for me to eat. It shall I feels fantastic that I have managed so well.

Reporter: But after a fight of 3 years, this is what you do for your life.

Marie: I just live through them and this is a positive thing. It is not so easy.

Reporter: With this you earn your living.

Marie: Yes, of course.