Live Aid - Interview with Marie Fredriksson

Rep: I am sitting here together with Marie Fredriksson, mostly known for “Ännu Doftar Kärlek”. How does it feel with this live festival for you?

Marie: Yes, as much as I have seen so far, I have to say that I got tears in my eyes when Elvis Costello played “All You Need Is Love”, it was really great. And for me it is difficult to understand how important this festival is, in fact... it must be something huge for the televisions in the world.

Rep: Yeah, I was thinking about the fact that if somebody comes to you and says that you can get 5 milliards crowns...or if you get only 100 000 crowns, then you can be something like that, difficult to realise how important it is. There are 13 hours left from this festival. Who are you thinking to see?

Marie: I will try to see Tina Turner, David Bowie and Paul McCartney in the end. I try to see as much as possible, I am positive now and it is a bit stressful.

Rep: It’s a pity that you can’t have a day free from studio to travel there.  

Marie: Yes, indeed.