Per Gessle: Son of a plumber TV4 News

Rep: Per Gessle is the man who always has new projects. Today he has released his double CD as a tribute to his CD collection. This collection consisted of 100 disks when he was 10 years old. Under the name “Son of a plumber”, he has recorded 24 new songs with a visible influence from the groups of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Per: This disk has roots back in my teen-age I can say, until the ‘70s, when I became a teen-ager, as I said. It’s a kind of Jude Box, it’s a kind of... I always say that I am the son of my CD collection and it can be remarked quite early on this disk.

Rep: It can be heard that it has elements from his huge CD collection that has inspired him. On the new songs you can recognize many well-known hits from the ‘60s and ‘70s pop bands.

Per: It’s a tribute to the pop history, this is what I have started to do. This time I tried to keep the rhythms and not to think about something else, but just to be a good sound for myself.

Rep: Have you thought about that it would be sold well and so on?

Per: It is important, well, as I said, I tried to make a disk for my own sake. It is clear that if I hadn’t been satisfied with it, I wouldn’t have released it; I would have had it on my computer at home. So of course that the biggest recompense is that other people like what I like, it would be great to be able to do something for somebody else, too. Of course I let the disks be as they are.