PUR: Interview with Per Gessle



Elise: Hello I´m Elise and I come from the Youth Care association. I am here with Per Gessle. Do you think that you understand differently children's questions just because you're a parent?

Per: Yes, if I compare that to how I was thinking when I didn't have any child - even if it's quite long time ago: 11 years. But now I am another person, you become another person when you have your own children. So of course it is like that. 

Elise: At the festival of this year we have a theme called "The Girls of the World", what do you think about that?

Per: Of course it's excellent!

Elise: Are you a father yourself?

Per: Yes I, my wife and my son got a little twin-child from Colombia a cute little girl who writes fantastic pretty letters to us. I think everyone should have a twin-child – it’s a really funny.

Elise: What do you think about the performance at the gala today?

Per: Really nice and superb. And it’s nice to sing a real up-tempo song, it feels really good.

Elise: How do you feel that it’s a "fadder gala” and everything that it supposes?

Per: It feels great; I have been here many times before. We have a new drummer - a guest drummer from Sahara Hotnights, which is really exciting.

Elise: Thanks a lot!

Per: Thanks!