SVT: Per Gessle at Måndagsbörsen - March 2nd,1981 (Monday's Stock Exchange)


Rep: We are here at Måndagsbörsen (Monday’s Stock Exchange) and we were waiting to see Tom Waits, but he couldn’t come here this evening, it was not his fault, but we hope to see him in another programme during the spring. Now it is Gyllene Tider, from Moderna Tider, perhaps there is somebody who has seen the film on TV.

Per: Yes.

Rep: Welcome Per...Gessle! Gessle is your name.

Per: Thank you. Gessle.

Rep: It was 1977 when you sent the first cassette with a lot of songs. It was you and Micke who did that.

Per: And Mats.

Rep: And Mats! Sorry. The other boys were Micke, Göran and Anders that we can talk about. But you and Mats sent a cassette, there were a lot of songs, you were only 2 guys. What kind of music did you record on it?

Per: It was almost the same music that we play today.

Rep: How did you succeed? Only you two?

Per: Mats is very good at all possible instruments. So he played almost all of them and I sang.

Rep: You two come from Halmstad. Do the others come from Halmstad as well?

Per: Yes, from Halmstad and around it.

Rep: Do you live there?

Per: Yes.

Rep: Will you go on tour or you have already been on tour?

Per: We will go on tour starting with the 13th of March. And the whole summer.

Rep: When you write music, you do write a verse, then you write some notes...or how do you do?

Per: Both of them. So you usually start with some notes, then you complete with rhythm and...

Rep: If we take this example: “Sätta på flickorna på TV2” (having sex with the girls from TV2), this doesn’t have any rhythm, but the song was done, anyway. How did you start in that case? Were you sitting and watching TV?

Per: No, not really, but it is an attractive title we thought.

Rep: The first title you found!

Per: With a little love in it.

Rep: It is always love, like in “Ska vi älska så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly” (we will love until Buddy Holly)?

Per: Yes, why not?

Rep: Why not to Gyllene Tider?

Per: Ok.

Rep: when you write texts, I would like to know more about it. If it is you who makes this part and Mats who makes the other part. Who makes the texts and who makes the music?

Per: I do both texts and music and Mats makes music as well. So we do that together. And then we all arrange the band, so that it sounds like it sounds.

Rep: When you listen to music, what do you listen to?

Per: Pop, a lot of music from the ‘60s, Beatles, Kinks, Searchers, something like this.

Rep: Don’t you think that it has been enough of that music? Why do you go backwards all the time? Why don’t you go forward? How do you see that?

Per: We can’t do that! If we listen to such music, then it is normal for us to play this music. And it is very traditional peasant music. It fits us a lot. We haven’t tried to do anything else. And we are not going to do that either.

Rep: I think that all of you will change in time.

Per: Yes, more or less, but for us it feels good what we are doing now. We like it.

Rep: How long will you be on tour? As I know you will start soon.

Per: We start next Friday, but it will be only 2 weeks, then we will have a free month and after that 4 full months.

Rep: We will hear more from you after that. Thank you.

Per: Thank you.