Per Gessle about the success with Roxette and a comeback with Gyllene Tider

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Per: Hi, here is Per Gessle and you are watching Livestage TV, of course.

Rep: Hi and welcome to Livestage here in Globen where Roxette will play tonight. I am here with Per Gessle, welcome!

Per: Thank you very much.

Rep: You're glad for the world tour that you started in February! You have sold over 700 000 tickets.  Probably it will be one million in the end or almost. Have you expected this success?

Per: No, we haven’t expected that. We have started on a lower level, then it has become as big as possible. It seems that we will continue till September next year, so of course it will be about 1.5 million people who will watch our concerts.

Rep: Really crazy!

Per: Yeah, incredible!

Rep: This evening you play in Stockholm and tomorrow in Malmö, right? But you played in Sweden last summer, too, in Gothenburg. How is the Swedish audience compared to the one from outside?

Per: Well, the audience is almost the same everywhere, it is just that the longer you go, the more chaos it becomes! If we play in South America, there is a bit more special! But I think that there is a fantastic audience in Sweden, there is a fantastic audience in Norway and in Finland and in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the concerts are fantastic! But if I havet o choose a specific land where it is the best, then it is South America.

Rep: There people go crazy!

Per: Yeah, there come 500 – 600 people to the airport to meet us. It is a kind of hysteria, in a way. But the concert in Gothenburg was very good, too, really funny. 

Rep: Here in Sweden we have a lot of festivals. We have never seen you at festivals. Will we ever see you, solo or with Roxette, at a Swedish festival, perhaps next year?

Per: No, we have not been so much at festivals. I have been once with Gyllene Tider. I think that if you play at festivals, you have an audience, too. It is just that you have to take care of your part in the show. I don’t have anything against festivals. We have been at festivals with Roxette outside Sweden, in Holland and some other countries. The fact is that you play for an audience which is not your audience, it is just a mixture. So it is a different thing, but it’s funny, too.

Rep: Cool!

Per: Amazing!

Rep: Perhaps you are a bit bored of this question, but we have got a lot of e-mails and so on… will it happen a comeback of Gyllene Tider? Perhaps you have been asked this question one hundred times…  Do you talk about that?

Per: I think it will be a comeback with Gyllene, sooner or later, for the moment we concentrate on Roxette, but it will come, for sure, a comeback of Gyllene Tider. We have a good contact, all of us. I think that a part of the members will come here tonight.

Rep: Wow, how cool! There are 3 questions that are asked to artists like you. The first one is: which song do you like to play most, now?

Per: From all Roxette songs, I like ”727”. I have always liked that, it is a kind of guitar play before that rock’n’roll, so it is beautiful! Perhaps it doesn’t represent the highest point for the audience. It is just for Roxette nerds. But, anyway, it is funny to play it.

Rep: But which song is most received by the audience?

Per: ”It Must Have Been Love”, ”Spending My Time”, all these big ballads.

Rep: And it is the same everywhere in the world, like in Sweden.

Per: Yes. They are difficult to be bitten. But it is also ”The Look”, ”How Do You Do”. In many countries ” How Do You Do” is much bigger than ”The Look” or ”Joyride”. Germany chooses it all the time.

Rep: Great! But you are going to continue until autumn next year, you have visited the biggest cities! After that, we will see, right?

Per: After that…I don’t know if we live one more year, but anyway, in March we will release a new album called ”Tourism II”, album that we have recorded on the road, the same thing as we did with ”Tourism I”, so Tourism from 1992. So it is the same concept, we have recorded it at soundcheck, in hotel rooms, in different studios in the world and so on. We are concentrating to finish it now so that I can adjust it now in January. It will be released in March. Those days I will be on tour.

Rep: And will you record new songs on tour, in summer and autumn?

Per: That’s the plan!