Interview with Roxette - 1992

Per: It was great especially the work for the stage. We had everything with us, the band, the crew, all the people who have worked there. It feels great, it feel that all are the best!

Marie: On a scale from 1 to 10, we use to say 11.

Per: I think that Halmstad, my house...

Fans: Marie, I love you!

Marie: I love you, too!

Fans: Peeer!!

Per: She likes me, it feels nice, actually.

Rep: How much money do you think that Per Gessle earns in a year?

Person 1: 200 millions.

Person 2: 20 millions, probably.

Person 3: 70 millions.

Person 4: 50 millions, 70?

Person 5: 200 millions, I have read in the newspaper.

Per: Of course that we earn a lot of money, but not such amounts! I don’t have a monthly salary; I and my girlfriend get money every week.