Interview with Roxette - 1993

Rep: The songs that you play here at Cirkus have an acoustic version. How is it to change the songs to acoustic music?

Per: It is not very difficult.

Marie: They are written like that.

Per: Yes, they are written on acoustic guitar and piano and such things. What we tried to do was to find a whole, a song that can fit the 8 members in the band, for example. A part of them can keep the rhythm with the foot, but not too much, as it doesn’t function too well. As you said, many of the songs are remade, so it is difficult to keep this rhythm. For example How Do You Do.

Rep: Do you feel that you sing differently when you do these acoustic versions, differently from the way you usually sing?

Marie: No, probably you don’t stress / accentuate so much, but in principle, it is the same.

Per: Well, you just have to work on the tone when you do an acoustic version, you can’t shout so much. Joyride for example has higher tones on the record, but here they are quite low. So I think that the songs are different. But Marie is the specialist in singing, not me.

Rep: Is there a huge difference between the audience in Sweden and the audience outside Sweden?

Marie: I don’t know if I find a difference now, all Roxette fans from all over the world are very active. They know all our songs and they sing along.

Rep: so it is almost the same thing.

Marie: Yes, but there is a difference if you compare to the audience in South America because there the fans dance from the beginning to the end.

Rep: How come that you have got such a good response in South America?

Per: I don’t know. They say that our texts, compared to the American texts, are so simple and easy to understand. We have heard that in Argentina they use the text from Joyride in schools to teach children English. That is really great. ABBA were also very big in South America. Probably they have something from the North popular tones in their music.

Rep: Probably. Do you think that you have the North tones in your music?

Per: No.

Marie: we are influenced by the English and American music.

Rep: Is there any artist who you want to hear singing your songs?

Marie: Prince: It Must Have Been Love.

Per: It sounds interesting.

Marie: Madonna: Joyride.

Per: I don’t think she can manage that. Probably an artist with a huge voice, like Tina Turner.

Rep: Do you feel stressed by somebody that you should spread Swedish music?

Marie: No. We work as musicians, as song writers. We write and we try to do an album as good as possible. We don’t think like this: now we have to promote something typical Swedish. We do what we think it’s good.

Per: But it is cool that we have succeeded with our projects. This branch is orientated towards creation. It is very rarely that a group who comes from such a little country like Sweden becomes as big as we have become, sells so many albums as we have sold. Often when we come to other small countries like Belgium or Denmark, they are really proud of the fact that we have succeeded. Long time ago it didn’t happen too much with our best group from the ‘70s, ABBA.

Marie: It was Europe, also.