Marie Fredriksson at Radio Nova - Finland

Watch the interview in Swedish HERE (Radio Nova - Finland) 

Marie: Hi, here is Marie Fredriksson. I come from a classical workers family, I can say. I have 4 sisters and brothers, so we are 5 children. I am the youngest. So it was me and my nearest sister who was 3 years older than me. The other 3 children were born long before us. We were 4 sisters and a brother. There are 16 years between me and my eldest brother.

My childhood was quite difficult, my mother worked in a food factory and my father was a mailman in the countryside. We lived in a small house in an idyllic village located in the countryside in Skåne (South of Sweden). The family had many members and we got a lot of love. But what was really good was that all the children had inherited from the parents that love and interest for music. My father had a fantastic voice. So he decided to buy a piano where we could play and listen to music. So I can say that I grew up with music and I chose music very early. I have got a lot of support from my family, especially from my father. And I have become what I am today.

I don’t think that it is so difficult. It is important to have a plan. But the most important is the man you live with. It must work. He can manage to help me with children and he helps me a lot. He gets a lot from me back. Of course that he has also his own dreams, but because of my work, he has more responsibilities in the family. 

So the most important is that the relationship works well, there must be a lot of support and respect from both partners. It is important to support each other’s dreams and wishes. It is also easier for me if he helps me to solve the problems with the children.

The most important thing is that the relationship works. 

Source: Radio Nova - Finland