Roxette at Jacobs Stege - 1986


Rep (Jacob Dahlin): Welcome to a special edition, this time we will wait for the new year together with the most successful Swedish artists of this year. Welcome here Marie Fredriksson, Magnus Uggla and Per Gessle! You recognize Per and Marie from Roxette. How has this year been for you, Marie?

Marie: It has been fantastic. I have released “Den sjunde vågen” and “Pearls of Passion”.

Rep: And Magnus?

Magnus: Last year, on New Year’s Eve, I was lying in bed, I had pain in my belly, I didn’t feel so well. I vomited and watched Ulf Lundell. And the whole year has been like that, I can say.

Rep: You have watched Ulf Lundell the whole year!

Magnus: The others, as well.

Rep: What about you, Per?

Per: Well, it was not so easy. This year I have worked very seriously. I have been very creative and wrote much. It was also some job with Roxette the second half of the year.

Rep: Perhaps you remember this!