Roxette - Soul Deep + Interview at Jacobs Stege 1986

Rep: Thank you for that! You are called Roxette. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. And you will go on a world tour, right?

Marie: Yes, of course.

Per: Of course, we will.

Rep: You look so good like this, Marie; you have changed from a blonde to a dark-haired girl.

Marie: Yes, I was tired of that style, so I had to change.

Rep: And you Per, you have also changed your haircut.

Per: Yes, of course. It happened at an exhibition for hairdressers. (laughs)

Rep: Who is the most macho of you?

Per: (points at the reporter)

Rep: I said of you two!

Per: I think that Marie. She trains a lot.

Rep: Yes, this blouse is really huge.

Marie: Yes, I train a lot.

Rep: But when you do your music, there is a lot of influence from the ‘60s and some Gessle solo from the dark years. It was not sold too much Gessle the last years.

Per: I think that Marie had a dark voice since her solo records and she made this song dark, too.

Rep: But you used to write a lot of ballads. How did this song come to you?

Per: This song?

Marie: He had to fly to Paris. (laughs)

Per: Was it in Paris? Why do you think that? Was it too frightening? Well, this song was written last summer in Swedish and because we have started Roxette, it needed an English text.

Rep: So it was written during the dark years.

Per: Yes, exactly.

Rep: Do you remember where you were when you heard what had happened in Chernobyl?

Marie: Yes, I was somewhere in Denmark, I have a sister who lives there. I found out about this from the Danish TV.

Rep: How did you react?

Marie: I wanted to be at home. Of course you get very frightened. I couldn’t stay in Denmark forever.