Roxette 1991


Marie: We will have everything with us, so I think that a new Joyride will come.

Rep: Yes, Joyride, the video won the MTV prize for “The best European rock video”, but this does not influence the plans that Roxette have.

Per: I don’t think so. It is important to win, but what is funny with this is to be able to win in front of the competitor.

Rep: The millions continue to come anyway. Joyride has already sold 5 million copies in 20 countries. But the money is not everything that counts in the world, of course.

Per: Money brings a good future, but the most important is to continue to do what you want to do.

Marie: we have got a lot of money in this tour, so I hope that the success will continue. We will see how we spend everything.

Per: Marie has no rings.

Rep: Yes, we noticed that.

Marie: I have one here.

Per: Show the finger, Marie.  

Rep: Yes, it is the same with the prizes. The only thing which is not new with Roxette is probably Per Gessle’s language choice.

Per: You know how it is, somebody wins after he dies.

Rep: 80 million has been earned from the tour tickets. But it costs a lot to travel.

Thomas Johansson (tour manager): In this tour there are 55 – 56 persons who travel around with 6 long trucks and 4 buses.

Rep: The one who takes care of all these millions lives in Örebro. He didn’t want to be interviewed. But he takes care of 65 artist companies. We can include also the few companies for Roxette, with names full of fantasy: Music for Money, Jimmy Fun, Fun Bag, Roxette Production, Happy Accident Music, Amelia Music, Shook the Music. 30 million – so much has been won for “Look Sharp”. The success with “Joyride” can bring three times as much. The money is going to be invested in Roxette. Videos and tours cost, but we hope that the selling will increase. How many sellers will sell the album, we don’t know.

Thomas Johansson: As soon as we start to sell tickets in America, they are ready in a few days. It can be 50 concerts.