Roxette: Interview (rapport) SVT 12-10-2006

Rep: One of the most successful Swedish bands who produce export music celebrates 20 years today. Rapport has met Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, together known as Roxette.

Rep: Roxette have done what most of the Swedish bands can just dream about: to have a great international success. And they have done this together. They have sold 45 million albums and 25 million singles. Now Roxette celebrates 20 years.

Marie: It is difficult to understand that there have passed 20 years. It feels like one year.

Per: Actually. It is incredible; we continue to talk to each other.

Rep: Roxette started in 1986. Per Gessle had had a great success before that, with Gyllene Tider, but their popularity was diminishing. At the same time, Marie Fredriksson was an appreciated solo artist.

Per: It was, in fact, a guy from the record company who thought that we should record a song together. Surprisingly, Marie agreed and we recorded it. A single that became very big here in Sweden.

Rep: Marie, is it true that you were advised not to waste your time and not to destroy your solo career for Roxette?

Marie: Yes, the record companies were a bit worried for that.

Rep: An American student seems to be part of Roxette’s international success. He took “Look Sharp” album to the USA and gave it to a radio station.

Per: And Brian Phillips listened to it. He was the boss there. He listened because he noticed that Marie had nice breasts on the cover (Marie laughs). Then he played it in his program and the phone started to ring, people wanted to hear the song again and again and again.

Rep: Roxette had a great success and got 4 songs which were number 1 in the American Billboard Chart.

Marie: It’s incredible. The first time, with “The Look”, we couldn’t understand. I don’t know how we can understand the second time. We have never believed that.

Marie: I was really shocked! It was true. It was the dream that we had always had before.

Per: In reality, we thought that we could be number one with a song in Germany or Holland or Spain, but to get 4 songs number 1 in America, it was like playing for Chelsea. We will see what happens, we don’t have any selling goals, and we don’t go on tours to get MTV awards. There is nothing like this.