Interview with Per Gessle - 1983


Rep: Thank you very much, John H. Welcome to one of the members in Gyllene Tider, namely Per Gessle.

Per: Thank you.

Rep: Hi!

Per: Hi!

Rep: How is it with you for the moment?

Per: Thank you, I am quite ok.

Rep: I am thinking that, for Gyllene Tider, there were the years ’80 – ’81 – ’82 which were the most successful. It was that huge time, when you used to go on tours and people used to jump over the fences and it was a little hysteria, wasn’t it?

Per: Yes, that’s right. But we are back.

Rep: How was it?

Per: It was great, it was amazing. It is still amazing.

Rep: Will you tour the same much now?

Per: No, we will…

Rep: You have almost put that microphone in your mouth, so near it is!

Per: (laughs) Hello!!

Rep: Like that, it is much better.

Per: We took a little break, I have some things to do, and I have released a solo album. Now we are back in the studio.

Rep: And you are focusing on writing songs now.

Per: Yes, you can say like that.

Rep: What does a good song mean? What should it have?

Per: If we think about a song, first of all there should be a good melody, a good text, as well.

Rep: How do you do? Do you start with one and continue with the other one?

Per: At the beginning I did that, but not now.

Rep: So the nice little blond guys from Halmstad, have you become more mature now?

Per: Yes, we have.

Rep: Because I have heard that you try to have success outside the Swedish market and that’s why you have started to sing in English.

Per: Exactly.

Rep: Is it true that “English is singlish”? (=sounds good in songs)

Per: Yes, it’s true. It’s very practical to sing in English. Because the music that I write is in English, so it is good to sing in English. I don’t want to say that it is easier to sing in English than in Swedish, but it is…

Rep: Ok, we go on, we have the last question: what will be the name of the group Gyllene Tider outside the country? Do you have a good proposal?

Per: No, we are thankful to all proposals, we don’t know yet.

Rep (to the audience): All of you who have a good proposal for the translation of Gyllene Tider can write a message to us so that we can solve it before the evening is over. That would be funny. Thank you, Per Gessle and see you later, this evening, right?

Per: Thank you. Of course.