Per Gessle Interview About "En Händig Man" Tour


Per: There are so many songs that you can mix here. I try to fix them, but they come automatically, there is nothing to think about.

Rep: Your texts are easy to remember.

Per: Do you think?  Well, I think they are quite difficult, but it has always been like that, to learn the texts and everything. But it works. If the audience sings, I can relax. They know the texts better than I do.

Rep: While Per Gessle is making order in his songs inside Tylösand Hotel, where he has never swum in his life, the stage is being built. And exactly there, on the side, there are Maj-Britt and Gunnar Carlsson, who have been living almost on the stadium for 34 years. They remember when Per Gessle played here in 2004, that time with Gyllene Tider.

Gunnar Carlsson: I remember that the lamps were swinging here in the house.

Maj-Britt: And the armchairs were trembling.

Gunnar Carlsson: Yes, something incredible.

Maj-Britt: But it was something nice.

Gunnar Carlsson: It was. I was joking. 

Rep: Was it difficult to sleep?

Maj-Britt: We are not so old to go and sleep at sunset.

Gunnar Carlsson: It’s nice.

Rep: The ticket selling for the concerts for this summer tour was worse than expected. But this affirmation is rejected by the artist himself.

Per: It’s not true, the selling went very well; we have the biggest Scandinavian tour. If you compare it to Gyllene Tider tour 2004. We are very proud of this summer tour.

Rep: So you don’t think that the people will be disappointed at this tour.

Per: No, I don’t think that, this is the biggest tour in Scandinavia.

Rep: And as usually, the first concert will be in Halmstad, which a summer artist never does.

Per: Halmstad… I have a good relation with the people here, it feels a bit safer. I just hope that the Sun will continue to shine.

Rep: What do you think to do if it starts to rain?

Per: There is not much to do. When we had Gyllene Tider tour, 2004, it rained so much at all concerts. It’s a bit boring, but what shall we do? We live in a country where it rains quite much in summer.

Gunnar Carlsson: I hope he will have a good weather, not the same as it was before.

Maj-Britt: Yes, it was really bad that time.