Marie Fredriksson sings a song for ARN (Interview)

Rep: Next week is the premiere for the new ARN-film. The main topic is a classical film ballad, which will bring Marie Fredriksson back to the pop stage.

Rep: A big film with a lot of love and a lot of drama will be released from this film ballad. For the new film, Marie Fredriksson seems to be quite fresh and brings her contribution with the song Där du andas.

Marie: It was long time ago when I did such a good Swedish song. So it is nice.

Rep: But do you think that it will come into the lists?

Marie: Yes, I really think that it will come on the lists and it will surely be good.

Rep: Why do you think that?

Marie: Because it is a great ballad which comes from the heart. I think it is good. Such songs are needed.

Rep: The song was written by Anders Glenmark and Niklas Strömstedt, who were inspired by their old texts to describe new feelings.

Niklas Strömstedt: Sometimes we wonder what makes you have certain feelings, and we just continued to write all the time.

Rep: Film ballad sounds like a film ballad and there are influences both from Titanic and Robin Hood.

Anders Glenmark: There is a lot to compare to Bryan Adams, too. Well, it’s a film ballad, so it has that particular sign that a real film ballad should have, in my opinion.

Rep: If Marie Fredriksson has concentrated a lot on recovering after the brain tumour, now she is ready to work without any stress and to create both art and her own music.

Marie: We will see now, I take it easy. What I do is something mixed, both music and drawing. And also song writing. So it’s cool.

Rep: How many have you written so far?

Marie: Well, it’s not many. But still really much to do.