Per Gessle - Interview in Aftonbladet

Per: The summer tour will be a mixture of selling of the new disk, Mazarin song and the album I released with Gyllene Tider.

Rep: So no Roxette.

Per: No, everything will be only in Swedish.

Rep: How do you feel as a summer guy? What do you do in winter?

Per: I play rap. (laughs) Well, I like all seasons, excepting winter. I hate winter, in fact. I start to refuse the winter. It is the same with my friends. It means that we don’t buy winter clothes because we always wear summer clothes in winter. And that requires that you must have a kind of control over taxi cabs, you should be able to go a lot by taxi or by your car.

Rep: But what do you do during the summer, when you are not on tour?

Per: I meet my friends, I live a very normal life. I play football with my son, I drink a bottle of beer, I try to survive at all the cocktail parties. (laughs)

Per (about the title “En händig man”): It can mean that I am good at carpentry, at painting, at wallpapering. But I am not good at all. There can be many things. It could mean that you can bake a pie, I can’t do this either, but it is possible.

Rep: What are you good at? Writing songs?

Per: Yes, I can say I am good at that. (laughs)


The king of the Swedish summer music is back with a new album and a huge summer tour. Per has written a lot of summer songs during the years, but which summer songs does Sweden’s pop king like himself? We will offer 4 alternatives and one of them will be the best summer song, according to Per Gessle: Summer nights, Sol, vind och vatten (Sun, wind and water), Summer of ’69 or Sommar och sol (Summer and sun).


Per: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. It is from that film called Grease, right? They can be at position 3. “Summer of ‘69” … It’s a bit difficult to choose, but anyway, we can place it at number 2. I think that Ted Gärdestad should win, he is a great composer and the song “Sol, vind och vatten” brings a lot of summer feelings. And Markoolio (“Sommar och sol”), this one I haven’t heard, that’s why it will be on the last place, excuse me, Markoolio! I will learn the songs better for the next time.