Per Gessle interview - by Tomi Lindblom (2003) / Finland

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Per: The first day when the song was released and it went so well, it felt like: wow, this will be a very big song! The expectations became bigger and the album was released a few weeks later. And it just disappeared. Then we were asked: will you not go on tour? – Yes, how nice! Once we have started, we had to continue to play. But it was quite late in the summer because all the people I wanted to work with were busy with something else, so I had to move the tour quite late in the summer. Then we had to find some important persons from the other tour, as well. But it went really well, a fantastic tour, almost the most beautiful I have done in my life.

Rep: In Sweden you played on big arenas, but here, in Finland, it’s just a little club. Why is it like that?

Per: It’s because I have never played in Swedish outside Sweden, so it is a debut for me. Last Tuesday we played in Oslo, so I can say that it was the premiere of the world tour in Oslo, and today it is the end of the world tour, in Helsinki. So this is the shortest world tour. Well, it feels really nice to do something at such a low level. And as you said, the summer tour in Sweden, which was mostly an autumn tour, was enjoyed by really many people, 10,000 – 12,000 – 15,000 people. It is the same with Roxette, when we played during the last tour, there was an ice rink, so it is really cool to play at a club level. You have achieved everything you needed, it is really funny.

Rep: You have got everything that one can wish in the music world. What makes you still do music?

Per: It is, in fact, the same thing as usually. I am a result of my disk collection, I am music fan, I like pop music, this is my life. At the same time I have that inner power to write, I have always written songs, all my life, as long as I remember. So it has nothing to do with success or with gold records or a new Ferrari, it is not about that at all. It’s just a way of express yourself, to be new, as well. So there is no difference.

Rep: There are many people here in Finland who like even more Roxette. How is it with Roxette today?

Per: Roxette still have a break now because Marie is still sick. So I don’t know what will happen. And it will happen, of course, she wants to continue to work. We keep in touch; we talk a lot to each other. So I really hope that there will be more Roxette in the future, but when, I can’t say.

Rep: You know that Anna Lind’s murder has been a terrible event. Do you know Anna Lind personally?

Per: Yes, I know her, I had lunch with her exactly before Christmas. Her husband was there, too, as well as some friends. It was the first time I met her, she is a nice person. But the days after her murder were really scary, awful for the whole country, for all the Swedish society.

Rep: You are very well known in Sweden. Are you protected from such events?

Per: No, I can’t say that I am afraid of such thinks. But, as many other public persons, I have been threatened, there were threats against us. But I can’t say that I am that frightened. You couldn’t live with that fear. But of course that you must be careful, I often think about such things.

Rep: Do you have a bodyguard?

Per: No, we have had bodyguards during the tour in South America, otherwise not.

Rep: In which manner do you think that the recent events have influenced the Swedish society? Have they changed the people?

Per: It is a bit too early to say, but there has been a discussion, anyway, a debate about the poor medical care. There are too many people who commit suicide; they need medical care to be able to return to the society. And this guy has been arrested again, he hadcommitted many crimes before and that is the result of his health care. He should go to psychiatry to get the right help. Such a discussion you can hear now in Sweden. This is a good thing. But I hope that after all that has happened, the society will get a bit better, a little bit more intelligent, but it is a bit too early to say that I am right.