Marie Fredriksson: Den Ständiga Resan Press Conference Report 1992

Rep: We start and we finish with Marie Fredriksson, who has become well-known in the whole world as ”one of the two halves of Roxette”. Tomorrow she will release a solo album. “Den ständiga resan” is called the hot, brand new album which will be released tomorrow. Hot because it is Marie’s first solo album in 5 years. After a long and successful career with Per Gessle and Roxette, now it’s time for a solo career for Marie, and this time in Swedish. A few hours ago she was here to present some of the new songs.


Rep: So, one of the 2 halves of Roxette, this time alone and with her own texts and music, away from Roxette. What does it mean to the second half of Roxette, if I can say like that?

Marie: What shall I say, I had always written my own material before Roxette, but I spent all my time Roxette, a lot of time was needed, that is why I didn’t have time to do something on my own earlier, so it took 5 years.

Rep: But it is not Joyride that Marie is singing now. She has found herself in other style. You sing about loneliness, sadness... Are these themes present in all your texts?

Marie: Yes. There has been a period of time in my life which was totally different from the wonderful time that we had. And this difference has become too much for me. That is why I have made this album, I wanted to express everything. And it is also life, it doesn’t matter where you live, you have gone through a lot of things. You want to find yourself, you want to do something that you like in life. On the other side, you become more powerful, all the events that you go through give you a certain power. It helped me a lot to accept my life anf to become stronger. I am 34 years old, I can’t give up now.

Rep: But your pictures show a quite glad person, it is like this in music industry, they cannot express this sad and lonely person.

Marie: I don’t know. It is much easier for Per, he has his wife with him all the time. They are together. But I am almost never at home to meet my family. So my life suddenly becomes a lonely life. Then it is good that I get a lot of energy from the audience, so that I resist there a few hours. I think that there are many other artists who feel the same.

Rep: Did you think about giving up?

Marie: To give the music up?

Rep: Yes, to stop your career.

Marie: No, I am a musician; it is my way of transmitting what I feel. I will never give this up. I will always write, probably I will do this in a different way. I don’t think I will tour the whole world. I want to have a family, I think about children as well.

Rep: In the music world there is a big competition between stars and superstars and mega stars. On the list there are Eva Dahlgren, Lisa Nilsson and Matt Erickson.

Marie: I think that there is at least one good thing in my life: to do an album the way I want to do it.